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What is it like to have God like surgical powers, yet to struggle against your own humanity? What is it like to try and save a life, and yet to fail? Shot in a Ukrainian hospital full of desperate patients and makeshift equipment, The English Surgeon is an intimate portrait of brain surgeon Henry Marsh as he wrestles with the dilemmas of the doctor patient relationship. With an original soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, the widely acclaimed English Surgeon openly confronts moral and ethical issues which touch every one of us.
Henry Marsh
Geoffrey Smith
Artefact Films
British Films, Documentary
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93 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (3) of The English Surgeon

Heart Wrenching Documentary - The English Surgeon review by CP Customer

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This documentary is a real eye opener, as we follow a British brain surgeon who helps patients in Kiev at no charge. He bears gifts, taking across old NHS equipment, using recycled parts or anything that may be of use to the poorly equipped Ukraine hospitals. Here a continuous procession of patients line up outside, some with advanced tumours and he has to break terrible news, regularly. You can only reflect on your own health, how lucky we are to have a health system (despite its flaws) and the power of human kindness.

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Humbling - The English Surgeon review by JD

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The facilities available to the Ukranians were poor but more impressive was the general, low standard of living. The case study was very compelling with an excellent coverage of the operation. This notably missed the removal of the tumour which I would have been interested to see. Generally the subject was interesting, the direction completely disorganised and the lasting feeling was humility at the comparison of our two health systems.

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faulty disc - The English Surgeon review by mb

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I cannot write a review of this film as, although you have sent me several copies, none of them has been working. At first I asked for another copy, but after about 3 bad discs arrived I gave up. I tried again later, but it won't even load. Each time I reported it as faulty, but I suspect that you just re-rented it. this time I have written 'faulty' on the envelope. I have given it one star, as you would not let me send this without. I suspect it deserves 5, but I shall never know

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