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Lord Crumb and his army of aliens have landed on earth. Already a small town has been packed in boxes ready to become the latest taste sensation to hit the galaxy... Earth's government issue a full-scale alert and unleash their first line of defence "The Boys" - Derek, Frank, Oz and Barry... Will Lord Crumb succed in turning the human race into 'Crumbs County Delights'? Or will The Boys stop him?
Terry Potter, , , Mike Minett, , , Dean Lawrie, , Ken Hammon, Robin Griggs, Michael Gooch, Peter Gooch, Laurie Yarrall, Shane Yarrall, Philip Lamey
Peter Jackson, Ken Hammon
Universal Pictures
Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
New Zealand
Release Date:
Run Time:
87 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0, English LPCM Stereo
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3

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Reviews (3) of Bad Taste

Cult Phooey - Bad Taste review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

This has been, I know, acclaimed by critics and fans alike but we had it in the machine for 5 minutes before take it out. Not remotely funny.

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Classic Comedy Horror - Bad Taste review by CJ

Spoiler Alert

As the title points out this film's humour is very dark and sets out to shock, but at the time it was released Bad Taste was a welcome departure from the standard 80's American and Italian horror fare. The budget was next to nothing and in many ways it's the career kickstart for Peter Jackson that Evil Dead was for Sam Raimi.

The film itself focuses on a quiet rural area of New Zealand where the entire population of a small coastal township has become food for Aliens. A small swat team is sent in to put things right. The comedy comes from their unique and everyday approach to getting the job done...

If you are after over the top gore, but don't mind it looking very cheaply done, then take a look. Surprisingly, scenes involving a certain character's brain still makes me feel queasy enough to watch those sequences while slightly covering my eyes with my hand...!

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Bad taste review. - Bad Taste review by AO

Spoiler Alert

This is a difficult film to get a hold of. Some people may argue 'Why go to the bother?', but this does it a tremendous disservice. Its gory, stupid and macabre. It's full of puerile schoolboy humor, the kind men of a certain age find funny. Like its partner in crime 'Brain Dead', this film deserves credit for the handmade special effects if nothing else. A simple kind of schlock western, where the good locals fight the evil intentions of greedy outsiders (the aliens). If your thing is gross out comedy horror, perhaps best enjoyed late at night with a beer and pizza, you wont be disappointed.

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