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Having returned victorious from their battle with Frieza, the Z-fighters can at last breathe a collective sigh of relief...But they won't have long to rest. A new host of villains has appeared, ready to wreak havoc on the Earth - and Goku, the Z-Fighters' greatest hero, is still missing! In the face of these new dangers, a mysterious youth with Super Saiyan powers has come bearing a bleak prediction for the future: in just three years' time, an evil greater than any the Z-Fighters have ever faced will emerge to cast a shadow of destruction and despair over the Earth.
If the young Saiyan's prediction is correct, the Z-Fighters will have to train like they have never trained before in order to have any hope against these seemingly unstoppable foes: the Androids!
Kôzô Morishita
Voiced By:
Sean Schemmel, Stephanie Nadolny, Christopher Sabat, Sonny Strait, Tiffany Vollmer, Cynthia Cranz, Daphne Gere, Mark Britten, Mike McFarland, Monika Antonelli, John Burgmeier, Linda Young, Bradford Jackson, Chuck Huber, Eric Vale, Kent Williams, Peter Kelamis, Saffron Henderson, Brian Drummond, Scott McNeil
Narrated By:
Dale Kelly, Doc Harris
Akira Toriyama, Neil Bligh
Manga Entertainment
Anime & Animation, Children & Family, Kids’ TV
Release Date:
Not available for rental
Run Time:
800 minutes
Disc 1:
Disc 2:
Disc 3:
Disc 4:
Disc 5:
Disc 6:
Release Date:
Run Time:
755 minutes
English Dolby TrueHD 5.1, Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
BLU-RAY Regions:
  • Inside 'Dragon Ball Z': Interview with Matthew O'Hara
  • Inside 'Dragon Ball Z': Interview with Daniel Mancilla
  • From the Vault: Goku vs. Vegeta Featurette
  • From the Vault: The World of 'Dragon Ball Z'
  • Textless Opening and Closing Songs
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following episodes:
108. The Heavens Tremble
109. Black Fog of Terror
110. Battle in Kami's Lookout
111. Fight With Piccolo
112. Call for Restoration
113. Suicidal Course
114. Extreme Measures
115. The World Awakens
116. Brief Chance for Victory
117. Krillin's Proposal
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following episodes:
118. Frieza's Counterattack
119. The Mysterious Youth
120. Another Super Saiyan?
121. Welcome Back Goku
122. Mystery Revealed
123. Goku's Special Technique
124. Z Warriors Prepare
125. Goku's Ordeal
126. The Androids Appear
127. A Handy Trick
Disc 3:
This disc includes the following episodes:
128. Double Trouble for Goku
129. Upgrade to Super Saiyan
130. The Secret of Dr. Gero
131. More Androids?!
132. Follow Dr. Gero
133. Nightmare Comes True
134. Goku's Assassin
135. Deadly Beauty
136. No Match for the Androids
137. Last Ditch Effort
Disc 4:
This disc includes the following episodes:
138. Closing In
139. Unwelcome Discovery
- Special Features

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