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1h 36min
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This epic, action-packed Western tells the incredible true story of Bass Reeves (David Gyasi), the first black U.S. Marshal in the Wild West. Having escaped from slavery after the Civil War, Reeves arrives in Arkansas seeking a job with the law. To prove himself, he must hunt down a deadly outlaw (Frank Grillo) with the help of a grizzled journeyman (Ron Perlman). As he chases the criminal deeper into the Cherokee Nation, Reeves must dodge bullets and severe discrimination in hopes of earning his star - and ends up cementing his place as a cowboy legend.
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Henry Penzi, Sasha Yelaun, Curtis Nichouls
Wes Miller
Lionsgate Films
Action & Adventure, Classics, Drama
Release Date:
Run Time:
96 minutes
English Hard of Hearing
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 2.39:1
  • Audio commentary with writer / director Wes Miller and camera operation Ron Bourdeau

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Reviews (2) of Hell on the Border

hell on the border and on the screeen - Hell on the Border review by TR

Spoiler Alert

Hi everyone

This film is rubbish. It has uneccessary gore, laughable scenes, melodramatic chat in volumes and is totally bland in presentation.

a short 4' 10" guy lifting a 20 stone man off his horse onto his shoulders to get him out of a mud sink hole - then going back to lift out the horse was, - very funny and ludricous.

Our 'hero' gets shot in the belly, grits his teeth and goes on to catch and kill the bad guy. Really? A gunshot wound to the stomach during the 1800's in the wild west (gutshot) was usually fatal) - not our hero.

The average colt firearm (sixgun) as intimated has 6 shots - our badman manages 12 shots withour reload.

Too many distaste full use of the word nigger - negro would have sufficed.

To me this was just a lot of patronising junk, which if based on some sort of facf, did no favours for the genuine article. Not Recommended.

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Just Awful - Hell on the Border review by AS

Spoiler Alert

Watched 15 minutes of the film and then pressed the eject button! Horrendous production, wooden acting and a music score that’s so loud you can’t hear the dialogue not that it really mattered as the script was dire. Don’t bother with this. 

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