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The new film from Paolo Sorrentino, the acclaimed director of The Consequences of Love and The Family Friend, is a riveting talk of political intrigue and organised crime, based n the extraordinary life of Guilio Andreotti. Italian Prime Minister no less than seven times, Andreotti's long career was dogged by persistent accusations of conspiracy, Mafia connections and state-sponsored terror. Epic in scope and featuring a commanding performance from Toni Servillo (Gomorrah) as the chillingly enigmatic Andreotti, this compelling and visually dazzling film explores the labyrinthine political machinations and shady criminal underworld surrounding this fascinating and controversial figure.
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Voiced By:
Beppe Grillo
Paolo Sorrentino
Aldo Signoretti, Vittorio Sodano
Artificial Eye Film Company Ltd.
Italy, Drama

2008 Cannes Jury Prize

Release Date:
Run Time:
114 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
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Reviews (3) of Il Divo

Refreshing Political Epic - Il Divo review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

Until watching Il Divo I wasn't familiar with Gucilio Andreotti, although we're all aware of the Mafia and unique characteristics of Italian politics. What could have been a complex deciphering of his multiple terms has thankfully been cast aside. Instead, Paolo focuses on the man himself and those closest around him. Adding to the accessibility is the lack of courtroom drama; that's where the film leaves us. All historical dramas rely on the lead role to stimulate and Toni Sevillo is captivating. Backed by a modern fruitful soundtrack and bizarrely Guy Ritchie inspired moments of directing (in a good way for a change), Il Divo deserves to be seen.

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Il Divo - Il Divo review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

An intriguing film relating to the rise and fall of Andreotti; that it is subtitled takes nothing away from this look at modern Italian politics - but - beware, you will need to be up on the Italian political scene of the 70's and 80's otherwise you will be left feeling you've been trying to eat spaghetti with a straw. Whether you agree with the portrayal of Andreotti and his inner circle will depend entirely on your political viewpoint, but that they were an unpleasant lot (and true heirs to the Borgias)is without doubt. Makes Westminster look like a kindergarden!

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An interesting political drama that somewhat lacks pace - Il Divo review by PJ

Spoiler Alert

A biographical drama, the film is based on the life and career of Giulio Andreotti, a seven-time Prime Minister of Italy, notorious for his alleged ties to the Mafia. The narration spans the period from G Andreotti's 7th election in 1992 to the Tangentopoli corruption scandal and his trial in 1995.

It is a very interesting film and I do recommend it. Some idea of what was going on in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s is a pre-requisite. The film is constructed in a slightly odd and unconventional way -- a sort of kaleidoscope of scenes and incidents that overlap. It makes it harder to follow and, as a result, somehow, it lacks pace, I felt. A more conventional and linear construction of the story could have perhaps worked just as well or better. But it remains a very original and interesting film.

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