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1h 33min
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In a mysterious farmhouse a family of four maintain a routine and isolated existence. After discovering they possess supernatural abilities, siblings Zac (Timothee Chalamet) and Eva (Kiernan Shipka) begin to unearth a dark family secret... Living under the constant watch of a father that rules with strict routine and discipline, they live for nightfall, for moments of escape. But when their mother falls gravely ill, a dark truth begins to surface and their world is turned upside down. Zac and Eva must use their otherworldly abilities to escape or risk being torn apart forever.
, , , , Wendy Ahlstrom, , , Chantey Colet, Monica Crumpler, , , Saia Grayson, , , , , Jane Marsh, , ,
Matthew Perniciaro, Kim Sherman, Michael Sherman, Patrick M. Wood
Andrew Droz Palermo, Neima Shahdadi
One & Two
Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Release Date:
Run Time:
93 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 2.40:1

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Reviews (3) of One and Two

Boring, pointless, predictable, teen-meat movie - One and Two review by PV

Spoiler Alert

I was looking forward to this movie, but was so bored throughout as the whole thing was predictable and derivative of many other films and stories (The Village by M Night Shaylaman being one, and he nicks his stories from past books and films too).

No spoilers here. Just to say the CGI effects will impress young teens. Also, I believe the teen boy actor here is a favourite of teen girls, which is no doubt why the movie was made and that actor got the gig.

Probably best to avoid unless you're a teenage girl or a tweenager with a crush.

1 star.

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What’s the meaning? - One and Two review by TB

Spoiler Alert

A very odd film with no real meaning; that left me questioning what the point of it was really?

I only gave it two stars because of the exceptional acting of young star Timothee Chalamet, who continues to go from strength to strength with every film he’s involved in.

Wouldn’t recommend it as a film to watch though, if I’m being honest.

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Elusive - One and Two review by AER

Spoiler Alert

This elusive supernatural story avoids answering just about every question I found myself asking as this film progress. It's all tale no twist and the mysteries are left intact come closing time too. It's well-acted, beautiful to look at, but something about failed to drag me into this one further. It's sad because its premise is super intriguing, and would usually be of interest to me - however, it fails to grip, has no internal logic, and ulitmately flops despite offering us viewers something a little difference. All comparisons to M Night Shymalan's The Village are purely cosmetic, however.

A missed opportunity, and a frustrating near miss. And a near miss is still a miss.

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