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In a breathless race against time to find a ruthless killer, the survival of one woman depends on the quest of a fallen cop with a thirst for vengeance. Ex-detective-turned-pimp Jung-Ho's night is getting messy. Convinced his girls are running out on him, he sends one of his last remaining girls, Mi-Jin (Yeong-hie Seo), on a desperate last minute job. Too late, however, he makes a bone chilling discovery: this customer's home is where all his missing girls were last sent. Fearing the worst, Jung-Ho's relentless pursuit of Mi-Jin ends in a terrifying chase through the city streets after a car crash throws a blood spattered suspect into his path.
Calling in old favours, Jung-Ho (Yoon-Seok Kim) is certain he has caught this ruthless killer. But despite a disturbing confession, the lack of evidence means this cold-hearted psychopath might soon be freed by the bureaucratic police force. If he is to find Mi-Jin still alive, Jung-Ho, armed with few dues but filled with street-smart and savage determination, has just 12 hours to find the killer's lair, before he is set free to end her life and continue his reign of terror.
, , , , , , Bon-woong Ko, , , Jong-goo Lee, , ,
Su-jin Kim, In-beom Yoon
Won-Chan Hong, Shinho Lee, Hong-jin Na
Action & Adventure, Thrillers
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Release Date:
Run Time:
119 minutes
Korean Dolby Digital 2.0, Korean Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
  • The Making of 'The Chaser: Part 1' Bringing Chaser to Life - Creating the thriller of the Year
  • Part 2 'On the Street with the Chaser' - Shooting the Breathless Action and Unique Thrills of the Chaser
  • UK Theatrical Trailer

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Should have been so much better - The Chaser review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

Having seen The Chaser it is difficult to contemplate that it is based on true events given the inept performance of the South Korean police force and the abuse the main suspect received. It’s a marked departure from the organised and investigative style seen here in the West. The much-rumoured Hollywood remake will surely lose some of its appeal if it changes the story location.

Kim Yoon-seok is excellent giving his all to the role, playing a former detective who slowly pieces together the clues. Everyone is attempting to snare Je Yeong-min and the location of his main hideout, as he continues his killing rampage. I just didn’t find the serial killer at all menacing and the film did not elaborate on his background. Ha Jeong-woo is just too clean cut and ordinary to play such a vicious killer. The Chaser fails to scale the heights I really expected, as it a good but not great thriller. Part of the problem is its length and first time director Na Hong-jin fails to really get the best out of the script. Match that against a weak performance from Ha Jeong-woo and you hope that Hollywood will get it right next time.

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