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1h 28min
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One night, Colette gets a phone call that wasn't intended for her: a woman she's never heard of, who's coming out of prison. The woman asks her to go and pick up her little boy and bring him to meet her at station the next day. The woman's state of panic catches Colette off guard. She goes to pick up the boy, a certain Billy, who is actually no child but dangerously close to adulthood. In the station, at the appointed time, Colette fails to find Billy's mother, little knowing that Billy has just been orphaned to the murky business of a debt, which is all Billy will inherit.
Although she doesn't Know it yet, Billy's problems have just become Colette's Their lives are now linked because she is all he has in the world and he maybe is all she has too.
, , , , , Thomas Fersen, , , David Pion, , , , , , Julie Basecqz, , Laurence Warin, , , Catherine Risack
Serge Frydman
Mon Ange
France, Drama
Release Date:
Run Time:
88 minutes
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Region 2
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Reviews (1) of My Angel

An original premise, NOT a fairy story. - My Angel review by Timetravel

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Updated 23/02/2021

I have seen writer/director Serge Frydman's Mon Ange described as a fairy story. While the premise is quite original there is nothing fantastical or improbable in the series of subsequent events.

Colette (played by Vanessa Paradis) receives a mistaken phone call from a woman she has never met who is leaving prison. As her phone credit runs out the woman begs her to pick up the woman's son and to then meet her at a train station. Eventually she agrees to pick up the boy Billy (Vincent Rottiers) but a complication arises. Billy's mother gets murdered before the three can meet at the station. The film largely focuses on the bond that forms between Colette and Billy and both Paradis and Rottiers deliver convincing performances.

I've rated this 3 out of 5 because the backstory of the mother's murder doesn't really get fleshed out. There is a villain but he isn't particularly effective nor does he get much screentime as most focus is given to the development of Collette's relationship with Billy. In fact the villain's sudden appearance later in the film is not delivered well by Frydman and comes close to stretching credibility and ruining the flow of the story.

Paradis convincingly shows the conflicting emotions of her character and Rottiers' layered performance shows Billy as likeable and also annoying which I felt gave the character authenticity considering Billy's life experiences. I bought into the relationship.

Although the premise is unusual the resulting events are plausible. Strange things do happen to people in this world and it is interesting to see how characters deal with life changing events.

NOT a fairy story but certainly a film worth watching.

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