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A lyrical, haunting and often amusing trip through outer and inner space, with Herzog assembling previously unseen NASA footage, beautiful underwater photography, interviews and archive film to tell the twin stories of alien migration to Earth and humanity's own attempt to find a hospitable alternative home. Herzog gives this far-out fantasy a documentary feel, making the idea of worlds beyond our own feel tantalisingly tangible. Werner Herzog is one of the most respected and prolific film directors working in cinema today.
He grew up in a remote mountain village in Bavaria where he had no access to films, television, or telephones but worked the nightshift during high school to fund his first film which he made at the age of 19. Since then he has written a number of books and operas and directed over 40 films including classics such as Wrath Of God, Fitzcarraldo and more recently Grizzly Man.
, , , , , Michael McCulley, Roger Diehl, Ted Sweetser, Martin Lo
Werner Herzog
Soda Pictures
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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77 minutes
English LPCM Stereo
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
  • Requiem In Space - 26 minute film showing how Werner Herzog devised the music for The Wild Blue Yonder

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Reviews (2) of The Wild Blue Yonder

Boring with a dreadful soundtrack - The Wild Blue Yonder review by MD

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Visually it was pretty good, but the story is very thin and stretched out to fill the time. Some aspects of the story are introduced out of nowhere and do not seem convincing. There are long passages with an appalling soundtrack and not much else.

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Charming but slight - The Wild Blue Yonder review by MN

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This lesser known Herzog film features a great performance by Brad Dourif as a bemused alien doing a monologue to camera, intercut with space travel and 'alien worlds' footage. It's a wry and amusing film but its ideas don't quite stretch to support its full runtime, and it is short! Maybe one of rthe Herzog diehards only.

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