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6h 8min
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Hold on to your broomstick for magical mayhem! 'The Worst Witch' 12 part complete series is a fantastic re-imagining of the much loved Jill Murphy hooks about Mildred Hubble, a seemingly ordinary girl who is catapulted - quite literally - into a whole new world of magic. Mildred Hubble's world changes when one day a witch, Maud, crash-lands on to her balcony! Amazed to learn that magic is real, Mildred is soon flying on a broomstick with Maud to Cackle's Academy for selection day to try out for the school herself and it's not long before the fate of the school ends up in her hands!
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Lucy Martin
Jill Murphy, Emma Reeves, Neil Jones, Nick Leather, Madeleine Brettingham, Matt Evans, Maxine Exley
British TV, TV Action & Adventure, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Release Date:
Run Time:
368 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following episodes:
- Selection Day
- Tabby
- New Girl
- Pond Life
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following episodes:
- The Great Wizard's Visit
- The Best Teacher
- Maud's Big Mistake
- The First Witch
Disc 3:
This disc includes the following episodes:
- Spelling Bee
- The Mists of Time
- Out of Bounds
- The Worst Headmistress

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Critic review

The Worst Witch: Series 1 review by Adrijan Arsovski - Cinema Paradiso

The Worst Witch is a fun, modern show about young witches, their magic, and the silliness about how every word up to here sounds. With that being out of the way, let’s address some possible issues in regards to this series’ originality: first off, this show is based on an older show that was inspired from a film that was, in turn, inspired from a novel written way back in 1974. As you can see, it has nothing to do with Harry Potter except maybe the similarities that humans can come up with whilst building a fantasy world of wizards, fantasy, and the like. Now, for a moment, let’s throw the cynicism away and try approach The Worst Witch as objectively as possible and as honestly as needed.

The series’ main focus is on Mildred (Bella Ramsey), a teenage witch whose inclination for trouble and unintentional mishaps are met with an equal measure of misdeeds from her peers too. So, one could say the whole group of young witches is perfectly teamed, as each of these characters has its unique abilities that translate well to the small screen, albeit not without its flaws. These so-called ‘flaws’ can be traced back to the show’s lack of budget, as well as the over-reliance on continuous gags and cheap tricks (no pun intended) to elicit laughter whilst a serious issue is taking place. But, since this show is mostly aimed at kids, its target demographic won’t even notice these flaws and perhaps this is for the better of everyone involved in the project.

Additionally, the young actors are very talented, especially the one who plays the main character – witch Mildred (Bella Ramsey). In regards to the show’s storyline and plot, one cannot assert anything ground-breaking or convention-defying, but for a show about teenage witches – The Worst Witch is known to over-deliver. Plus, there is an excellent chemistry between the cast members which adds much to the overall experience as well. The narrative is, for a lack of a better word, cute, and the dialogue is adapted very well considering this is a children’s show. To sum up this aspect of the show, The Worst Witch mixes humour, sweetness, and quirkiness all at once, and manages to do it in a non-intruding way that would make any family’s Sunday night that more enjoyable to say the least.

Overall, whilst having some similarities with J.K. Rowling’s evergreen tale of her titular character Harry Potter, The Worst Witch stands perfectly on its own feet and provides decent enjoyment for years five to ninety-five. If you’re a lover of fantasy settings and charming young witches, then this series is everything you’ve looked for in a show, and more. You kids will like it too (as if that wasn’t emphasized enough).

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