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Trial And Error
After nearly 40 years of waiting for his big chance, incompetent barrister Morgenhall (Peter Sellers) gets a "dock brief" to defend mild Mr Fowle (Richard Attenborough). Fowle has admitted to murdering his insufferably jolly wife, yet despite his insistence of guilt, Morgenhall refuses to believe it. Convinced that this is the opportunity of his lifetime, he imagines a magnificent victory in court with himself as star performer. But the actual trial doesn't go quite according to plan!

The Millionairess
Stunning Sophia Loren plays a spoilt wealthy heiress, able to buy anything she wants... and she wants a husband! When she meets a humble Indian doctor (Peter Sellers), she knows that this is the man for her. Although in love with her, he is terrified of her attempts to 'buy' him, so they agree to a contest: she'll try the test of love his mother taught him: to live for 90 days with only 500 rupees; he must undertake her father's test: to turn £500 into £15,000 within 3 months. She's game; will he even try?
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Pierre Rouve, Dimitri de Grunwald
Wolf Mankowitz, Pierre Rouve
Arrow Films
British Films, Classics, Comedy
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Run Time:
162 minutes
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Region 0 (All)
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
Colour and B & W

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Classics but a little worn - Trial and Error / The Millionairess review by JD

Spoiler Alert

Trial and error is almost anti-funny. The barrister has had an unbelievably unlucky life having studied so hard as a student and lived so meagrely only to see his fiancée killed in the war and be unemployed for 40 years.Difficult to see anything but the blackest humour in it. He meets a terminally sad and shy man who is so irritated by his superficial and trivially jolly wife that he kills her. Blacker still. The trial then fails because the barrister fails to follow protocol. The black cloud of depression hangs over this film which you should only watch if you have an incredibly macabre humour or you in fact want the second film on this DVD.

The Millionairess is equally strange. Sophia Loren is an actress who is arguably the most admired ever, but not for her acting skills. Casting her in a role requiring a delicate balance of humour and spoilt and desperate was ambitious. I think she overdid the desperate. Sellers plays an easier role but not much better. This DVD is for the nostalgic not the young.

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