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8h 39min
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Oscar winner Halle Berry questions what it means to be human in this sci-fi thriller from executive producer Steven Spielberg. Devastated by the loss of her husband and Humanich robot son, Ethan, astronaut Molly Woods is involuntarily committed to a "rest facility". Believing her confinement is part of a conspiracy to keep her quiet about the presence of aliens, Molly escapes, but she's stricken by an unknown she believes may be related to the mysterious space encounter that left her pregnant. Betrayed by friends and befriended by strangers, including ex-officer JD Richter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Molly tracks both Ethan and her hybrid alien son.
Adhu, who has now produced more of his own kind. Afraid the hybrids will result in mankind's extinction, the government orders the creation of powerful Humanich robot soldiers to fight them - but the robots have their own agenda. It's time to pick a side as humans face aliens and robots in the electrifying second series of 'Extant'.
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Mark Grossan
Voiced By:
Dermot Mulroney
Mickey Fisher
Mickey Fisher, Elizabeth Kruger, Craig Shapiro, Leslie Bohem, Tom Pabst, Gianna Sobol, Pam Davis, Mike Werb, Gavin Johannsen
Paramount Home Entertainmen
TV Action & Adventure, TV Dramas, TV Mysteries, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy, TV Thrillers
Release Date:
Run Time:
519 minutes
English Hard of Hearing
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
  • Two Humanichs: Ethan and Lucy
  • The Season Finale
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Carnival of the Mind
  • A Tour of the Sets
  • Gag Reel
  • Extant: A Look At Season 2
  • Chemistry: Molly and JD
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following episodes:
1. Change Scenario
2. Morphoses
3. Empathy for the Devil
- Deleted Scenes
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following episodes:
4. Cracking the Code
5. The New Frontier
6. You Say You Want an Evolution
7. The Other
Disc 3:
This disc includes the following episodes:
8. Arms and the Humanich
9. The Other Side
10. Don't Shoot the Messenger
- Deleted Scenes
Disc 4:
This disc includes the following episodes:
11. Zugzwang
12. Double Vision
13. The Greater Good
- Special Features
Release Date:
Not released
Run Time:
540 minutes
Disc 1:
Disc 2:
Disc 3:
Disc 4:

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