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Jean Dujardin returns as suave, sophisticated and utterly clueless French spy Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, France's answer to James Bond. Armed with an arsenal of weapons including classic good looks, matchless charm and unrivalled stupidity, OSS 117 is the man to call when villains need to be found, peace needs to be brokered and women seduced. The year is 1967 and de Gaulle's France requires OSS 117 to travel to Brazil and track down a former high-ranking Nazi, who wants to sell a microfilm of names listing French collaborators during the World War II.
In Rio he joins forces with Dolores, a charming Mossad agent also on the trail of underground Nazis, but with the aim of bringing them to justice. Together they travel across all Brazil from Rio to Brasilia and to the Iguazu Falls... will they find their man; will the microfilm be returned to France and will OSS 117 conquer his fear of heights?
, , , , , , , , , Cirillo Luna, , , , , , , Alexandre Porfirio, , Alexandre Goncalves, Adriana Salles
Jean Bruce, Jean-François Halin
OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus
Introducing the Thesping Olympians, A Brief History of Film...
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Run Time:
96 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (2) of OSS 117: Lost in Rio

Entertaining spy spoof - OSS 117: Lost in Rio review by Alphaville

Spoiler Alert

In this likeable James Bond spoof (a sequel to OSS 117: Lost in Cairo), Jean Dujardin returns as the suave but hapless 1960s French secret agent. This time he’s chasing Nazis in Brazil and getting entangled with Chinese hitmen and hippy love-ins. He’s even more innocently sexist and racist than in his first outing, delivering laughably non-pc remarks with engaging charm and panache. Add in some scenic location work and this is an entertaining confection. Funniest scene: an hilariously slow chase in a hospital, in which Dujardin staggers after his Nazi foe at snail’s pace, both of them injured and carrying drips.

If you’re expecting a rip-off of the knowing Austin Powers films, forget it. This is more of an homage to Dean Martin’s Matt Helm spy spoofs of the 1960s. There’s even a Dino song over the opening titles. Film buffs will find much else to enjoy too, including a climax that spoofs Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

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If you have nothing better to do............. - OSS 117: Lost in Rio review by TB

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In the olde days this would be termed a B-rate movie. How or why such films are made only six years ago leaves me puzzled. However the introduction of Louise Monot helped.

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