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The Expanse is an American drama, mystery, and sci-fi TV series starring the likes of Thomas Jane as Joe Miller, Dominique Tipper playing Naomi Nagata, Steven Strait as Jim Holden, and Cas Anvar playing Alex Kamal – among other actors. In the future, Earth has expanded onto multiple planets, as well as an asteroid belt, but a brewing conspiracy will shake things to their very core.
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Steven Strait, Bob Munroe, Ben Cook, Ben Roberts, Lewin Webb, Dan Nowak, Emanuele 'Manny' Danelon, Lynn Raynor, Daniel Abraham, Ty Franck
Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby
Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Dan Nowak, Georgia Lee, Robin Veith, Naren Shankar, Hallie Lambert, Alan DiFiore, Jason Ning, Daniel Abraham, Ty Franck
TV Dramas, TV Mysteries, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy, TV Thrillers

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This series is truly expansive - The Expanse review by GJ

Spoiler Alert

You can tell a quality series when you trust and care about the core characters and when secondary characters can carry their own story arcs improving the series even further.

The series starts as a gritty and detailed take on life in the center of our solar system . There is a lot to get familiar with to begin with but it's with the introduction of a proto-molecule plot and it's potential when the series really gets into focus and hits its stride.

There are no weak characters and the series treats the grandiose and the personal with equal care .

The move from Netflix (syfy channel) to Amazon has only helped with feature film level visuals and hopefully the series will maintain its story , visual and character standards for seasons to come

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