Rent Without a Clue (1988)

3.5 of 5 from 69 ratings
1h 42min
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With deerstalker cap perched smartly on his head, and Inverness cape hanging smoothly from his frame, master sleuth Sherlock Holmes faces the press with elegant ease. He is about to reveal the clues which eluded Scotland Yard and now enable him to close another baffling case. There is only one small hitch. He is actually Reginald Kincaid (Michael Caine), a third rate actor with an insatiable thirst, a weakness for women and an aversion to violence. Hired by the real investigative genius Dr. Watson (Ben Kingsley) to impersonate the mythical detective Sherlock Homes, he hasn't got a clue how to solve a crime...
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Gary Murphy, Larry Strawther
Comedy, Drama
Release Date:
Run Time:
102 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0
English Hard of Hearing
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Region 2
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3

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Reviews (1) of Without a Clue

Not for me! - Without a Clue review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

I couldn't watch this all the way through.

The premise had some promise, apart from that, it fell flat for me. Caine and Kingsley did their best with what was an awful script - the dialogue sounded like an American trying to do British humour, not sure if that's the case but it seemed that way. I pre-guessed every 'gag' without fail due to the clumsy writing, which created more hilarity that the film itself

Great cast but when I feel the urge to stop watching due to a sudden realisation that I will never get the wasted time back, I must conclude the film to be a flop! It is, after all, elementary, my dear Watson!

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