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Berlin, 1940. Working class couple Otto (Brendan Gleeson) and Anna (Emma Thompson) Quangel receive the news that their only son has lost his life in the battlefield and decide to resist the Nazi regime in their very own way. Soon their campaign comes to the attention of the Gestapo and a murderous game of cat-and-mouse begins.
, , , , , , , , , , , , Luisa Wolf, , , , , , ,
Stefan Arndt, Christian Grass, Marco Pacchioni, James Schamus, Uwe Schott, Paul Trijbits
Achim von Borries, Vincent Perez, Bettine von Borries, Hans Fallada
Drama, Thrillers
Getting to Know: Emma Thompson, Top 10 European Remakes
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99 minutes
English DTS 5.1
English Hard of Hearing
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Widescreen 2.39:1

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Reviews (8) of Alone in Berlin

Worth watching - Alone in Berlin review by WP

Spoiler Alert

If you are looking for a joyful, dramatic cinematic experience this is definitely not it. However if your prepared to once again feel the brutality of Nazism, then I think this film has some really worthwhile aspects. It shows through the experience of an average married couple how easily an entire society can be dragged to the bottom when there are few who are prepared to take any kind of stand, but also just what even the most minor stand can cost once the descent has started. The whole feel of the film is low key, so when the brutality appears it is all the more shocking. It is probably more comparable to a good television play, but how many of those are there these days.

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Brilliant cast dull film - Alone in Berlin review by LL

Spoiler Alert

The cast is amazing, the story of the main characters is an interesting one, as is the story of how the original book came to be. But.... somehow the film just doesn't lift off it sort of shuffles it's way through the storyline until it stops. Basically if you want to watch a film loosely based on an historical event with a good portrayal ish of how it might feel to be a little person up against a massive terrifying evil whilst drinking a cup of tea then this is the film for you. If you want to be engaged, entertained and mesmerised then this is a film to avoid.

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Quietly informative, still yet powerful - Alone in Berlin review by JB

Spoiler Alert

Unbearably poignant with the death of their son, and being stuck together in vicious, suspicious, cold Berlin. The interplay between the two main characters and the unfolding, eventual meeting of souls, suggests a flower growing unexpectedly between the cracks of a grey pavement. Bring in the third character, and it shows the relentless propaganda machine, that is fueled by hatred and anger, and the few who allow themselves to 'see' , and what happens to them. A true story, and worth the watch. Learn something from it, there is so much there......

3 out of 3 members found this review helpful.

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