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In the Australian outback, a group of men on a fishing trip discover an Aboriginal girl's naked body in the river. They delay reporting their gruesome find until after the trip,m but return home to find themselves in conflict with the police, their families and each other. Powerful, thrilling and a truly absorbing cinematic experience, Jindabyne will set your mind and pulse racing in every direction.
, , , , Tatea Reilly, , , , Maya Daniels, , , , , , , , , Ted Bowers, Dean Freeman, Rod Mason
Raymond Carver, Beatrix Christian
Drama, Thrillers
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119 minutes
English Dolby Digital 5.1
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Region 2
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Widescreen 2.35:1
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Reviews (5) of Jindabyne

Slow and a bit dull - Jindabyne review by Rob S

Spoiler Alert

I really wanted to like this film. It starts quite slowly as all of the characters have to be introduced and the state of their live's explained in order to set the seen for the main plot point. This comes about 30 mins in when the men, out on a fishing trip in the middle of nowhere, find a dead girl's body in the river. This is the best bit of the film as the acting at this point is very good and conveys the harrowing nature of such an event. The plot takes a turn here as the men decide not to head back immediately and report their finding (there's no mobile phone signal out there). When they do get back a couple of days later, there's a big fuss and newspaper articles etc. The men are frowned upon and one of the wives takes it upon herself to try to make up for her husband's misdomeanor by trying to comfort the family of the victim but is not welcome (the girl was aborigine). Whilst all of this is going on the killer (who was introduced at the beginning of the film) keeps popping up all over the place (although not sure why). You might think that this would then turn into a murder mystery but it doesn't, it sticks with the personal relationships of the main characters and drags out a fairly thin story over the remaining time of the film.

It is quite unusual for us but we even thought of switching this off before the end as it was just dull, but we did stick with it in the end.

So, it's a fairly interesting story but very slow and drawn out with quite a few loose ends that never seem to be resolved, leaving you quite dissatisfied. My rating is 2 out of 5.

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Social documentary - Jindabyne review by GC

Spoiler Alert

This film is such good watching for the relationship between the guilty parties and their families, and how it also affects the local community. Not a fast moving film but one of thought and social behaviour.

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A classic, pure and simple - Jindabyne review by Colin Taylor

Spoiler Alert

Jindabyne is quite simply one of the best films I've seen this year. Director Ray Lawrence doesn't make many films, but the films he does make are worth the wait. A murder is the starting point of the film, but though you see the murderer,none of the action focuses on the investigation at all,and he is never apprehended. The film prefers to concentrate on those who are affected by the body's discovery.

The reality of the relationships on display is heart rending, and the performances are excellent. If you want a film that is atmospheric and moving, that will stay with you,then I would recommend you watch Jindabyne.

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