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Berlin, 1942. Friedrich, 16 years old, is a talented amateur boxer who dreams of doing something with his life. He is discovered at a boxing match and is offered the opportunity to attend an elite Nazi school. Among Friedrich's new friends is Albrecht, the son of a high-ranking official. A fragile young man who prefers to train his mind more than his body. Albrecht is very critical of the Nazi ideology being taught in the school and writes an essay condemning the German's barbarity. When Albrecht's father forces him to conform, Albrecht refuses and suffers the consequences.
Devastated, Friedrich vows to avenge his friend's fate, even if it means losing everything he's fought for and abandoning his dream of a better life....
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Sissy Höfferer, Max Dombrovka, Marian Schole, Jakob Semotan, Lenz von Johnston
Molly von Fürstenberg, Harald Kügler, Viola Jäger
Dennis Gansel, Maggie Peren
Napola - Elite für den Führer
Peccadillo Pictures
Release Date:
Run Time:
110 minutes
German Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (2) of Napola

Bleak prospects - Napola review by Gwydion

Spoiler Alert

It is 1942. You see a naive young man who is good at boxing and pleased to get into an elite Nazi school. Makes friends with the son of a high Nazi official. But increasingly sees the faults in the system.

I found it done well, showing how an ordinary person could be part of the system.

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A Brilliant, Moving, Tragic Film set in 1942 at an Elite Nazi School by the Director of THE WAVE - Napola review by PV

Spoiler Alert

I had somehow missed this film, despite watching a lot of war and German Nazi movies. Thank goodness I found it.

Made by the director of THE WAVE a brilliant film too about youngsters who get caught up via indoctrination and brainwashing into conforming to extremism - this too made me think of the woke brainwashing of now, by education systems and the media.

The actor Tom Schilling debuted here - he was superb in GENERATION WAR 2013.

This film has a genuinely emotional pull, as its characters are well-written and there is plenty of action and events to give momentum.

as ever with such films I do wonder if it is true most Germans did not know of horrors being committed and how many knew and how much they knew.

Anyway, superb script, tragic story, and the stats at the end - there were 40 of these schools training hardline loyal Nazi boys at the end of the war, and of the 15000 who went from them to fight a forlorn battle with the Russians, half were killed.

Brilliant. 5 stars

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