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Academy Award winning filmmaker Michael Moore’s new movie SiCKO asks his fellow Americans: What is wrong with us? Moore shows that U.S. health care ranks last among developed nations despite costing more per person than any other health system in the world. Moore seeks answers in Canada, Great Britain, and France, where all citizens receive free medical care. Finally, Moore gathers a group of 9/11 heroes rescue workers now suffering from debilitating illnesses, unable to receive help at home, and takes them to a most unexpected place where they receive the tender care unavailable in the richest nation on earth.
, , , , Reggie Cervantes, , , , , Aleida Guevara, William Maher, , Patrick Pedraja, Linda Peeno
Michael Moore
Meghan O'Hara, Michael Moore and Meghan O'Hara
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Run Time:
118 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (2) of Sicko

Powerful stuff but sledgehammer analysis - Sicko review by Tim from London

Spoiler Alert

The first half of this film made me very angry indeed - but for all the right reasons. Michael Moore wisely stayed off screen and powerfully illustrated the disaterous state of the American healthcare system by letting the families involved tell their story - and showed some truely heartbreaking cases e.g. where denials of treatment led to deaths. For me this was campaigning documentary film-making at its very best. The second half of the film I found deeply problematic. Michael Moore portrays England, France and Canada as utopias of health care but fails even to even consider their problems. He also turns campaigning journalist and in a tacky scene that could have been made by the tv show Watchdog, takes some of the victims to Guantanamo Bay to ask for the same medical treatment that the prisoners are getting. There is also plenty of 'cod political analysis' about why Americans hate the French and Cuba - which is basically because they are getting what the American's aren't! You have to admire the power of his film making - but this is not a thoughtful nor deeply analytical film.

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Surprisingly scientific - Sicko review by JD

Spoiler Alert

For a film-making political activist Michael Moore is impressively scientific in his research. This scathing attack on U.S. health care enlightened me on a number of points in an interesting manner without resorting to the usual tricks of the dramatic filmaker (eg clips from interviews of C list celebs) and punchy politics such as how much each member of congress was bribed by the pharmaceutical companies to vote in their favour (shame on you Bush, $800,000, your worth more than that for a bribe). I wish he would do an exposure of corrupt practices in the NHS. I implore anyone reading this to do such a good investigation into how British politicians line their greedy pockets from health care.

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