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England 1905. When a mysterious capsule lands on Earth at Horsell Common, Surrey, George (Rafe Spall) and Amy (Eleanor Tomlinson) are among the first to examine it. And so begins a terrifying ordeal for humanity as more capsules land, releasing murderous Martian tripods. George, Amy and their scientist friend Ogilvy (Robert Carlyle) soon find themselves fighting for their very survival against a ruthless enemy beyond their comprehension.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Bradley Cottrell
Betsan Morris Evans
Peter Harness, HG Wells
ITV Studios Home Entertainment
Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
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162 minutes
English Hard of Hearing
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Region 2
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2:1 Univisium
  • Creating the Martians and Tripods
  • The Creation of the Capsule

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Poor attempt at a classic, panders too much to Feminist Propaganda! - The War of the Worlds review by CS

Spoiler Alert

This was originally shown on the BBC in three instalments. The first instalment came across as quite interesting, setting the scene and introducing the characters to us. With some very interesting and imaginative imagery and special effects. Very loosely based upon the novel by H.G.Wells, this is set in a kind of dystopian Victorian period, but unlike the original novel, this takes the woman 'Beth' as the lead and sidelines the male roles to simply supporting parts. In fact it dampens the male roles down so much,  that as the story develops, it comes across as simply yet another blatant attempt at PC'ness and promoting a Feminist viewpoint! There are some really annoying flash forwards which don't work and simply create a very disjointed and confusing time line to it all. The ending is pretty naff, with not much of an ending at all, or should I say one of those annoying endings that sets itself up for a sequel! When I first watched this i thought it as quite good and looked really interesting, but then as it developed it just got boring and silly and the Feminist nonsense just got in the way of what should have been a really good story. Not even the acting of Carlyle was enough to lift this. If you really want to see this story told as it should be, watch the original 1960's version, which is still by far the best adaptation for film of this classic tale!

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