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England's dark history is revealed in this epic tale charting the defeat of the monarchy in a time of intrigue, power and corruption. England in 1645 is a place of savage treachery, civil war and political unrest. After waging three years of bloody civil war, the rebel New Model Army has finally defeated the Royalist forces of King Charles I. Two heroes emerged from the war, Lord Thomas Fairfax (Dougray Scott) and his loyal, yet ruthless deputy, Oliver Cromwell (Tim Roth). The war may have been won, but their mission is now to unite the country and reform the crown.
Cromwell's radical solution is the execution of the King (Rupert Everett) which causes a political storm leading to leadership fights, betrayal and unrest.
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Kevin Loader
Jenny Mayhew
Film 4
Action & Adventure, Drama
That's All Fawkes! Top 10 Films Set in the Stuart Era
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98 minutes
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Killing of King Glossed Over - To Kill a King review by CV

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Considering the title of the film I was expecting and hoping that the trial of Charles I would be the climactic scene but no such thing. It was over in an instant with all the court leaping up crying Guilty straight after the announcement of charges. The film is really about the relationship between Cromwell and Fairfax who is influenced by the compromising opinions of his wife. The result is rather a polar opposition between Cromwell, the next ruling despot, and Fairfax the might-have-been just and virtuous leader. Watch the film with Richard Harris as Oliver Cromwell for a classic history film with a more contextual account of the Civil War.

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