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Set during WWII this is the story of Jarah's coming-of-age in a brutal and lawless land - growing from a sweet child to a strong, independent and ferocious woman taking on Australia's corrupt and bigoted system one bad guy at a time. In the best tradition of the gunslinging outlaw, when the enigmatic Jarah (Alexis Lane) is pushed to the limit she explodes in a fury of retribution. But for a revenge western there is a surprising series of twists and turns that lead us closer to redemption and reconciliation.
Alexis Lane, , , , Karen Garnsey, , , , Annemarie Abdul-Rahman, Mary Abdul-Rahman, , , Joshua Banks, , , Joseph James Brown McLeod, Justine Agnus May Brown McLeod, Lance Brown, Vida Elaine Brown,
Victoria Wharfe McIntyre
Craig Deeker, Steve Jaggi, Amadeo Marquez Perez, Victoria Wharfe McIntyre
Victoria Wharfe McIntyre
Action & Adventure, Drama
Release Date:
Run Time:
117 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0, English Dolby Digital 5.1
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Region 0 (All)
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Widescreen 2.39:1

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Reviews (2) of The Flood

An important subject matter poorly handled - The Flood review by TE

Spoiler Alert

'The Flood' contains a good story, and there is plenty of justified anger at the treatment of aboriginal Australians by the relentlessly violent white colonisers.

It's just a shame that the story is broken up by repetitive sequences, unnecessary flashbacks and bizarre fantasy scenes. This self-indulgent padding makes the film too long and in dire need of some careful editing.

The nature of the violence, and the high body count, is reminiscent of a spaghetti western. However, it is clear that the film has loftier aims, only some of which are achieved. The emphasis is on pure cathartic revenge and the nods to redemption at the end are unconvincing token gestures.

Viewers should be warned that there is one particular gang-rape scene that is very disturbing.

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A post-colonial feminist western that rocks - The Flood review by HW

Spoiler Alert

An epic blend of brutal realism and dreamy outlaw fantasy, this revisionist western proves that there’s still plenty of untold viewpoints and narratives for the genre to explore. In this case, our sharpshooting western hero Jarah is a half-Aboriginal woman defending her family from cruel colonial forces in post-WW2 Australia. This film is eye-opening in terms of depicting the atrocities committed against the First Nations of Australia, as well as delivering an exhilarating mix of action, pathos and redemption that doesn’t simply say that violent vengeance is the way forward. Cinematically, this is a unique experience, with plenty of dream-like sequences showing off the beauty of the Australian landscape. You’ll never see a film quite like this. 

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