Rent After the Wedding (2006)

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Rent After the Wedding (aka Efter Brylluppet) Online DVD & Blu-ray Rental
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Jacob Petersen has dedicated his life to helping street children in India. When the orphanage he heads is threatened by closure, he receives an unusual offer. A Danish businessman, Jorgen, offers him a donation of $4 million dollars. There are, however, certain conditions... Not only must Jacob return to Denmark, he must also take part in the wedding of Jorgen's daughter. The wedding proves to be a critical juncture between past and future and catapults Jacob into the most intense dilemma of his life.
, , , Neeral Mulchandani, Tanya Sharma, , , , Hitesh Kotak, , Dispesh Mistry, Shivam Vicha, Frederik Gullits Ernst, Kristian Gullits Ernst, , , , , ,
Anders Thomas Jensen, Susanne Bier
Efter Brylluppet
Soda Pictures
A Brief History of Film Weddings: Part 3, Top 10 European Remakes
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Run Time:
119 minutes
Danish Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
  • A Conversation With Susanne Bier
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Reviews (5) of After the Wedding

Moving and real - After the Wedding review by NG

Spoiler Alert

I saw one of Bier's films many years ago and still remember how that film moved me and held me throughout. This film, after the wedding, does the same. Some of the Danish actors are now more familiar to us with the advent of popular Danish drama on uk telly. The lead in Borgen and the last version of wallander will bring you these actors into this film. The twist to this film question your beliefs about the 'goody' 'baddies' archetypes. It is ultimately a film about love and compassion, both for the world in general, for one's family and for oneself.

Wonderful watching and it's one of the rentals I wish I could hold on to forever.

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Quality Danish Drama. - After the Wedding review by Steve

Spoiler Alert

Bier's films typically have highly designed plots tracing a link between the personal and the political. Rooted in the warzones of both the family and global conflict, they dig deep into people and their relationships. This one starts at the wedding, but takes place in the interface between business, war and aid. One of the better current film directors.

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Brilliant - After the Wedding review by BE

Spoiler Alert

Thoroughly engrossing movie, superb camera work and wonderful acting. I couldn't take my eyes off the drama unrolling on the screen. Loved it.

3 out of 5 members found this review helpful.

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