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Canals as you have never seen them before...Presenter Liz McIvor, curator at the Bradford Industrial Museum, travels north, south, east and west along the stunning canal routes of the English regions to tell the stories of our inland waterways and show how dramatically they changed our history, landscape and way of life.
You'll learn the extraordinary stories of engineers like Brindley, Outram and Telford who forged the early network of canals across the rugged terrain of the Pennines, how the construction of the Kennet and Avon canal led to astonishing geological discoveries and the creation of the map that changed the world and of the hard lives and times of the navigators or 'navvies' who built the canals and the generations of Canal Boat People who worked them. Together with this rich history, these programmes feature a wealth of gorgeous landscapes, breath taking aerial photography and imagery of our beautiful inland waterways. They show how even smaller towns have now embraced their canal heritage, how humans are not the only creatures benefiting from the tranquillity of the waterways and why increasing numbers of people are choosing to make their homes aboard narrow boats. A true 'golden age of canals', from the 18th century to the present day, is here to be enjoyed and celebrated in these wonderful films.
Liz McIvor, Deborah Brunton, William Ashworth, , Wendy Freer, Emma Griffin, , Janet Sumner, Ultan Cowley, Peter Cross-Rudkin, , , Christine Pardoe, Florence Salberter, David Blagrove, Dave Callington, Jordan Donohue, Jane Humphries, , David Viner
, Andy Richards, Ed Barlow, Stuart Woodman
Andy Richards, Paul Craven, Ed Barlow, Stuart Woodman
Narrated By:
Liz McIvor
British Films, Children & Family, Documentary, Special Interest
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Run Time:
180 minutes
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Region 2

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Reviews (1) of Canals: The Making of a Nation

From the beginning... - Canals: The Making of a Nation review by EMJAY

Spoiler Alert

Having watched many documentarys on many subjects this one is so outstanding I just had to review it. In a series of seven parts it takes you through from the beginning of canals, as a working industry, past the times of their slump, due to railways, and on to more modern days of barges becoming pleasure boats, almost floating caravans. The filming is excellent but, bless her, the woman who does the narration could have been better. That does not presuppose that she is no good, she is. It's just that it could have been even better.

For anyone, like me, who has had no real experience of barges it's a real eye opener, an enjoyable history lesson of the past. Children working on the barges with no school or education, little or no medical assistance and how it was overcome. How government legislation was introduced and, initially, ignored. So many things that adding too much further could be seen as a spoiler.

All I can say is watch it and agree with me. It's all on one disc and each episode is just under half an hour long. It was so interesting that it was the shortest three and a half hours of my life.

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