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Hot on the trail of three escapees on the run in the Montana, wilderness, bounty hunter Lewis Gates (Tom Berenger) comes across a native Indian arrow. he is convinced that a group of Cheyenne Indians have escaped the massacre of their tribe and have hidden in the virgin forest for generations. With the help of a young anthropologist, he uncovers a mysterious and intriguing story. This is a great American adventure, set in the sumptuous Oxbow Landscape, following Tom Berenger, a strange modern-day tracker, and Barbara Hershey a beautiful anthropologist. Discover a legend straight from the past.
, , , , , , , Helen Calahasen, Eugene Blackbear, Dawn Lavand, Sidel Standing Elk, , , ,
Tab Murphy
Action & Adventure, Drama
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Run Time:
113 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Widescreen 1.85:1

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Reviews (2) of Last of the Dogmen

Surprisingly enjoyable - Last of the Dogmen review by RP

Spoiler Alert

I guess this could be described as a modern cowboys-and-Indians film. Outdoors type with loyal dog discovers lost native American tribe, saves them from baddie sheriff while girlfriend leads them to safety. Sounds very trite, but it's actually surprisingly enjoyable.

It does have its politically correct moments of course – good white man good, only bad white men bad, Indians good, white woman (who coincidentally just happens to speak Cheyenne) good with children and animals. The story is pretty slight and I guess the real star is the scenery which is truly spectacular. It's certainly worth 3/5 stars, perhaps more. In fact I'll give it 4/5. Recommended.

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Modern Feel good Western. - Last of the Dogmen review by NO

Spoiler Alert

An absorbing story if what somewhat implausible but very enjoyable,nice music as well.

Makes a change from the usual violent & car chase films.

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