Rent Regeneration (1997)

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Set in a military hospital during World War I, the film tells of a real life encounter between army psychologist Dr William Rivers and the poet Siegfried Sassoon, who has been institutionalised in an attempt to undermine his public disapproval of the war. It also concerns young poet Wilfred Owen who, with support from Sassoon, begins to write his great war poems. Rivers, whose duty it is to return shell-shocked officers to the trenches, is tormented by the morality of what is being done in the name of medicine, especially the treatment of working-class officer Billy Prior who has been struck dumb by the carnage he has witnessed.
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Pat Barker, Allan Scott
Artificial Eye Film Company Ltd.
Cinema and the First World War, Drama Films & TV
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109 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
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Reviews (2) of Regeneration

Good - Regeneration review by SB

Spoiler Alert

This is an absorbing and well-made film, but do not imagine that it is primarily about Sassoon and Owen. As its title suggests, the film is mainly about the healing of men mentally scarred by war. It concentrates on the work of Dr W Rivers, the effect of that work on him and the transformation of one particular patient. There is good period detail and fine performances, especially by Jonathan Pryce as Rivers, Jonny Lee Miller as the young soldier and Tanya Allen as the soldier's girlfriend.

Downton Abbey trivia - Julian Fellowes makes a cameo appearance as a pompous civil servant (this film was made well before he achieved fame writing Downton); and Jonny Lee Miller as the young soldier sounds and behaves spookily like the character Thomas Barrow in Downton Abbey.

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Compelling - Regeneration review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

Very moving, stunning cinematography just very well crafted film making in general, in that you get completely absorbed.

Please read the books first tho , i know everyone says that but its especially true here. The character of Dr Rivers is so well writen, i read this while travelling and i ended up writing letters to Dr Rivers every day as therapy. He was a great soul.

James Wilby is a revelation , such fantastic acting all round.

The British working class have been the victim of this cruelty for hundreds of years. You are reminded of just how hard it was to be a conchie, so you basically had no choice. Ending up being given orders to march toward machine gun fire . as they say " how did we go from being called salt of the earth, to scum of the earth" .

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