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Five strangers go with a tourist group to view old caves. Separated from the main group, they find themselves in a room with the mysterious Crypt Keeper, who details how each of the strangers will die.
...And All Through the House - After Joanne Clayton (Joan Collins) kills her husband on Christmas Eve, she prepares to hide his body but hears a radio announcement stating that a homicidal maniac (Oliver MacGreevy) is on the loose.
Reflection of Death - Carl Maitland (Ian Hendry) abandons his family to be with Susan Blake (Angela Grant). After they drive off together, they are involved in a car accident. He wakes up in the wrecked car and attempts to hitchhike home, but no one will stop for him. Poetic Justice - Edward Elliott (David Markham) and his son James (Robin Phillips) are a snobbish pair who resent their neighbor, retired garbage man Arthur Grymsdyke (Peter Cashing) who owns a number of animals and entertains children in his house.
Wish You Were Here - Businessman Ralph Jason (Richard Greene) is close to financial ruin. His wife Enid (Barbara Murray) discovers a Chinese figurine and wishes for a fortune. Blind Alleys - Major William Rogers (Nigel Patrick), the new director of a home for the blind, makes drastic financial cuts, reducing heat and rationing food for the residents, while he lives in luxury with Shane, his Belgian Malinois.
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Max Rosenberg, Milton Subotsky
Voiced By:
Robert Rietty
Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein, William M. Gaines, Milton Subotsky
Final Cut
Classics, Horror
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88 minutes
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Widescreen 1.85:1
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92 minutes
English LPCM Mono
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
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  • Stills Gallery
  • Tales from the Amicus Crypt: A new 36-minute documentary featuring Reece Shearsmith, Jonathan Rigby, Steve Chibnall and others

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Weird Tales. - Tales from the Crypt review by Steve

Spoiler Alert

One of the last, and the best of the horror anthologies that were popular around the turn of the seventies. The title comes from an American comic series of the 1950s from which some of these stories were taken. The others were from its sister publication, The Vault of Horror. So this is a selection of five tales of the grotesque, each with a deft climactic twist.

This is normally the domain of television, like in The Twilight Zone, but these collections were in widescreen and in colour. With extra gore. There is an excellent cast of well known British film actors. Ralph Richardson is the mysterious keeper of the crypt who hosts the round of story telling and then reveals to the miscreants their ultimate, dreadful fate.

All the stories are engaging and gradually become more gruesome, building to the final episode when Nigel Patrick is devoured by his own dog, at the hands of a gang of blind, elderly men! There's a pretty good retelling of The Monkey's Paw. Peter Cushing is quite poignant as a lonely, impoverished widower who is driven to suicide by his yuppie neighbours...

Until he emerges from his grave to take revenge on the ringleader. Most of the stars were coming to the end of their careers, but bring an abundance of ripe panache to their roles. The constant humour keeps the horror playful rather than cruel. While this is all extremely formulaic, it's also entertaining and obviously made with respect for the genre.

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