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There are two ways of looking at the world - through faith and superstition or through the rigours of logic, observation and evidence. In his documentaries, evolutionary biologist, atheist and best-selling author, Professor Richard Dawkins, makes a compelling argument for how reason and a respect for evidence are the source of human progress and our safeguard against fundamentalists and those who profit from obscuring the truth.

The Genius of Charles Darwin (2008)
In 1859, Charles Darwin published Origin of Species - and nothing would ever be the same again. Evolution by natural selection is probably the most powerful idea anyone ever had. In this three-part series for Channel 4, Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary scientist and bestselling author, takes us on a journey of discovery. How does evolution work? How do we know it's true, and why do some people still deny it? As evolved creatures, do we have to be callous, selfish and immoral? Dawkins echoes Darwin's emphatic "No".
The Enemies of Reason (2007)
In this two-part documentary Dawkins confronts the dangers of the pick and mix of knowledge and nonsense in an internet age and passionately restates the case for reason and science.
Root of All Evil? (2006)
Dawkins takes an incendiary look at the monotheistic religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity in this companion piece to the best-selling book 'The God Delusion'. Travelling from Jerusalem to middle-America, Dawkins interviews both extremist and moderate leaders in a bid to challenge the hypocrisies of religion.

Reasoned, researched and authoritative, Professor Richard Dawkins provides a rational person's guide to the world.
, , , , , Nicholas Humphrey, , Yousef Al-Khattab, , Richard Harries,
Russell Barnes, Alan Clements, Deborah Kidd
Narrated By:
Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins
Channel 4
Documentary, Special Interest, British TV, TV Documentaries
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322 minutes
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Region 2
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This disc includes the The Genius of Charles Darwin
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This disc includes:
- The Enemies of Reason
- Root of All Evil?

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Reviews (2) of The Richard Dawkins: Collections

Neither one thing nor the other - The Richard Dawkins: Collections review by JD

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Listening to this elderly biologist patronising teenagers was not particularly entertaining nor was it an in depth analysis of Darwinism. He was in his day a fount of important reading but that was some time ago now. A shallow portrayal of both biography and science.

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The Richard Dawkins Collection - The Richard Dawkins: Collections review by JE

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Richard Dawkins gives a measured and gentle explanation of the knowledge that was discovered by Charles Darwin. Today scientists are discovering more and more about out Universe, ourselves, and our place amongst all the life that is on our planet today. With the latest work on quantum mechanics, at last the separate subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics are coming together, and now for example human genes are able to be switched off if they are not wholly correct, and replaced with corrected genes. Just at the stage of miraculous work being done; in the Middle East; people are behaving as we did in the early middle ages; and they have fixed ideas about their particular views of the world. We also used to believe in superstitious ideas which mostly have now been recognised as not valid. Then we also were cruel, as these people are now. But now we do not believe these ideas are true. Our religious beliefs are now tempered with more intelligent knowledge. Now in the West, people want to base their behaviour on that which they think is good. The moral compass is to be more compassionate, and less dogmatic. I think that Richard Dawkins books help us to become better people. And for that reason, I would recommend anyone interested in the human race to read them and to see if it changes opinions.

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