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From the creators of Napoleon Dynamite comes another instantly quotable, hilarious, demented and surreal depiction of small town America and its unique inhabitants that's destined for cult status. An offbeat comedy that basks in the twisted weirdness that lies at the heart of suburbia as slackers, nutters, rednecks and geeks join forces in an epic tale of crusading nerds and Sasquatch turds. When an intrepid group of role-playing geeks come across evidence that proves the existence of Sasquatch in a nearby forest they inform the local police and spark a media frenzy. A TV reporter, a local cop, a Bigfoot specialist and a restless gang of misfits begin a search for the mythical creature.
Meanwhile, a pair of neighbourhood dropouts plan to use what's left of their frazzled brains to exploit the situation and make some cold, hard cash.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , Rebecca Lowe, , Don Adler, , Todd Skousen, Hayley Skousen
Tim Skousen
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84 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 2.35:1
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  • Big foot: Man or myth
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Reviews (1) of The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang

A second rate Napoleon Dynamite clone. - The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang review by CP Customer

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To say this film is from the creators of Napoleon Dynamite is stretching the truth somewhat. The only things that link the two films are Director Tim Skousen was a second unit director on N.D, Jon Header has a five second one line cameo, and it's a shameless attempt to jump on the success of a far superior film. Everything that made Napoleon Dynamite a cult classic is lacking in this film, writer and director Tim Skousen blatantly attempts to recreate what he feels is the same formula as N.D but fails completely. The dialogue in parts is quite good, but the acting and timing is so wooden and stilted that lines that should be funny just come off flat, and scenes that should be short and memorable are overly long and dull, the woodland fight scene towards the end of the film is especially bad. Added to this the story is told over various timelines which completely breaks any flow in the film. The films only saving grace is Justin Long as Zerk, who in a few scenes is pretty good. If you’re a fan Napoleon Dynamite I would avoid this and rent 'The Foot Fist Way' which is a much funnier film and in the same spirit as Napoleon Dynamite.

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