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You're organising one of the most significant events in the world. You've got £9bn to spend and plenty of time before the deadline. What can possibly go wrong? Twenty Twelve follows the Games Deliverance Team as they do their level best to get to the end of the day, the end of the week - and, ideally - the end of the Olympics without all the wheels coming off at once. In this fly on the wall spoof comedy series our heroes have to negotiate Olympian sized hurdles such as getting a busload of non-English speaking Brazilians from A to B, who to appoint to run the Cultural Olympiad and what to do when the much-vaunted wind turbines won't turn because there's no wind.
And that's before contending with the fatal flaw in the design of the Countdown Clock.
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Paul Schelesinger
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David Tennant
John Morton
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British TV, TV Comedies
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172 minutes
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Hilarious Satire on Management Culture and Political Correctness - Twenty Twelve: Series 1 review by PV

Spoiler Alert

I missed this when it first showed - late on BBC2 - so am enjoying it now. It's a 6 part spoof documentary series on the management team in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics in London. Each episode features another example of a new initiative or idea that ends up going pear-shaped. The acting is spot on - from everyone - and the characters are really so close to real-life media, PR and management types that the writer must have observed it all from real life. The management-speak is spot-on too - much talk of embedding diversity and creating a sense of ownership amongst stakeholders in the Olympic space etc. Yes, people really do speak like that too - in government, business, education etc. Political correctness takes a real bashing - Jeremy Clarkson couldn't have done better - especially in episode 5 when they are looking to recruit a new member of the team: this is very close to a situation I knew happened at the college I used to work at!

In short, watch this comedy series - forget the other nonsense on the BBC, because this show is the only one in ages that has made me laugh. Five stars. Brilliant!

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