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Tintin in America
Tintin finds himself in the gangster run city of Chicago during the prohibition period as a thrilling adventure unfolds. Given an unpleasant welcome by the local criminals on his arrival, Tintin survives many escapades as he is called upon to use all his courage and intel¬ligence to outwit his enemies.

The Shooting Star
"It's the end of the world!" declares Professor Phostle, as an enormous star hurtles towards the earth... Fortunately it misses, leaving a meteorite that falls into the Arctic waters creating a valuable new metal! In a hazardous adventure Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock encounter gigantic spiders and exploding mushrooms as they try to retrieve the metal before it falls into the hands of the evil Bohlwinkel!

Flight 714
On the way to the International Astronautical Congress in Sydney, Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus meet the millionaire Laszlo Carreidas during a stop-over. Mr Carreidas suggests they continue their trip on his private jet. Little do they realise that the flight plan has been slightly modified...

The Secret of the Unicorn
Three models of the ship "Unicorn" help Tintin discover the existence of "Red Rackham's Treasure", which once belonged to a pirate whom Captain Haddock's ancestor fought. Pickpockets and gangsters mark a trail to Marlinspike Hall where Nestor, the butler, makes a conspicuous, dramatic entrance.

Red Rackham's Treasure
Placing together the parchment left by the Captain's ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock, Tintin sails aboard the "Sirius" with Haddock at the helm. This sea adventure teems with excite¬ment, especially when the stowaway on board turns out to be Professor Calculus, who has brought along an underwater submarine for deep sea exploration!
Voiced By:
Colin O'Meara, David Fox, Wayne Robson, Dan Hennessey, Susan Roman, John Stocker
Anchor Bay
Anime & Animation
Belgium, Anime & Animation
Release Date:
Run Time:
150 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following episodes:
- Tintin In America
- Flight 714
- The Shooting Star
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following episodes:
- Red Rackham's Treasure
- The Secret of The Unicorn

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Beware NOT The Original Belvision Shows - The Adventures of Tintin: Vol.5 review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

If like me you have fond memeories of the Tintin cartoons from the 70's as shown on the BBC (the Belvision shorts) you'll probably be disappointed with this as I was. Gone the loud booming "Herges Adventures Of Tintin..." introduction - shame! What really spoilt this for me was the change to American accents for the characters and I found Tintin's "new voice" to be particularly grating. Perhaps an even worse crime against the show is the replacement of the Thompson Twins posh but idiotic voices replaced by an accent that sounds like they're supposed to be Australian. Final nail in the coffin is the dreadful background music which is typical of rubbishy 80's cartoons. sure the drawings / animation is the same but I'm affraid coupled with the changes to the voices and backround music this only served to spoil the enjoyment of this for me. I certainly won't be renting any of the other discs in this series.

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