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Tom, (Timothy Spall) an elderly widower, uses his trusty free bus pass to take a series of local buses on a deeply nostalgic trip across the length of the U.K., from John O' Groats to Lands End. His mission is to fulfil a promise he made to his late wife, to take her back to the place where they first met and lived happily together. Unbeknownst to Tom, his journey, and his unlikely antics on it, begin to capture the imagination of the local people that he comes across and, ultimately, Tom and his trip become a nationwide news story.
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Roy Boulter, Sol Papadopoulos
Joe Ainsworth
Parkland Entertainment
Action & Adventure, Drama
Release Date:
Run Time:
82 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0, English DTS 5.1
English Hard of Hearing
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Widescreen 2.39:1

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Reviews (7) of The Last Bus

Occasionally moving but mostly flat - The Last Bus review by AER

Spoiler Alert
Updated 09/09/2021

This road movie looks like it got scuppered because of the Covid Lockdowns. It's a road movie that is supposed to take place between John o'Groats in Scotland, and Land's End in Cornwall but looks as if it was all filmed in Scotland. Timothy Spall is note-perfect as the pensioner on a personal mission to get himself to Cornwall in a race against the clock. Spall's performance is the sole reason for giving this film your attention, elsewhere the film flounders with badly scripted, and acted scenes by a largely Scottish cast. The scenes are clunky and poorly executed, making huge sections of this potentially thoughtful film trite, and unconvincing. Where Spall is left to his own devices, this film soars, particularly in a scene or two at the end. All the rubbish about him becoming a social media sensation is corny and schmaltzy to the max. This is a great shame as the director Gillies Mackinnon has made some great films in the past like Small Faces, and Regeneration. I wonder how this could have been with a similar story yet with convincing supporting characters and a much better script.

3 out of 10

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totally absorbing, sad and uplifting - The Last Bus review by MF

Spoiler Alert

It shows the kindness of strangers, modern society and little job worths.

We sat totally absorbed about the tail that unfolded on the screen, we had the odd tear of joy and sadness as his journey progressed down the country.

Timothy Spall was excellent.

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Charming and irritating - The Last Bus review by RD

Spoiler Alert

A road trip with the main character portrayed well but excruciatingly slowly at times by Mr Spall. Realistic and convincing but often overdone in this film.

The main problem with the film is the fragmented scenes and lack of information for the viewer at each point. We don't know where we are at each scene, and the flashbacks to his early life are short and confusing. Each scene seems to finish prematurely and we move on to another. The following by social media is just hinted at, but should perhaps be the central theme of the film, affording some strength to the often limp story.

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