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New York psychologist Dr Bill Capa (Bruce Willis) is stunned when an old friend and colleague is brutally stabbed to death. Capa believes the vicious murderer to be one of the members of a therapy group. While all around him falls apart, he finds Rose (Jane March) and they embark on a reckless and passionate affair of erotic sexual discovery. But is there more to Rose than meets the eye? He will only know if he survives long enough to find out.
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Billy Ray, Matthew Chapman
Drama, Thrillers
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134 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0
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Region 2
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
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Reviews (2) of Color of Night

A fun silly 90's whodunnit filled with sex and cliches - Color of Night review by TB

Spoiler Alert

Color of Night is many things. Whilst masterpiece is definitely not one of them, not for a single second was I bored. It is an extremely dated, silly, corny, cheesy product of its time. It is filled with cliched characters, silly plot twists, but also really beautiful cinematography and two committed performances from Bruce Willis and Jane March.

March, in particular, was coming off the extremely well-received film The Lover and was in many ways the hottest actress in Hollywood. To me, she was the stronger of the two performances because it would be so easy for her to play the part as/the film portray her as a ditzy beautiful woman who is there simply for eye-candy. But she really draws you into her performance and the chemistry she has with Willis genuinely works.

This is also the film debut of Rubén Blades and he also imbues what could simply be the corny stale cop role with charisma and gravitas.

For many people, the most memorable part of the film is the extremely protracted sex scene, which manages to utilize almost every room in the mansion that Willis’s character lives in. But again, how you view this film as a whole is the level of enjoyment you’ll get out of it.

If you start watching it expecting anything other than a schlocky dated piece of fun, you’ll be disappointed. But take it with a pinch of salt and tongue firmly in cheek and you’ll have a fun 2 and a bit hours.

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Chaotic characters and plot, but some bright spots - Color of Night review by CD

Spoiler Alert

Bruce Willis puts in an excellent performance in this quite high action “shrink” film involving the psychology and therapist world.  I enjoyed the 1990s low technology LA setting (with Bruce Willis making calls from his car with a large corded phone).  There is also a good car chase and the famous sex scene which goes on so long you may be tempted to press fast forward.  The characters and plot leave a lot to be desired,  but if you like 1990s style cop films and TV serials, you might like this.

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