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Hannibal is an American drama series that follows the relationship between criminal analyst Will Graham and Dr Hannibal Lecter. The series follows Graham (Hugh Dancy) as he is brought in to investigate a spate of strange killings. He is sent to Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) to learn more about these crimes as he tries to track down the various criminals he faces, but the one criminal he cannot catch is hiding right under his nose.
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Jennifer Schuur, Michael Wray, Angelina Burnett, Carol Dunn Trussell, Don Mancini, Lisa Kussner, Karen Moore
Bryan Fuller
Bryan Fuller, Jennifer Schuur, Thomas Harris, Angelina Burnett, Jim D. Gray, Don Mancini, Chris Brancato, Jeff Vlaming, Jason Grote, Nick Antosca, David Fury, Scott Nimerfro, Ayanna Floyd, Kai Wu, Tom de Ville, Jesse Alexander, Angela LaManna, Helen Shang, Steve Lightfoot, Andrew Black
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Brooding, Classy Grand Guignol Psychological Horror - Hannibal Series review by PV

Spoiler Alert

I really enjoyed this. True, when one has seen The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and Red Dragon it takes some adjustment to the new characters esp Hannibal Lecter, the devil or Mephistopheles figure, played in movies by Brian Cox then Oscar-winning Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins.

But Mads Mikkelson is a class act as an actor (see THE HUNT a great Danish film) and so we are in safe hands - he plays Hannibal as a Dandy, and does so to perfection. The food prep and shots are wonderful, filmed by a TV advert guy.

Other actors and great and the ingeniously gory and gruesome murders.

Filmed in Toronto. A great cast, superb writing with a dark brooding tone, lost of flashbacks and dream sequences. Atmospheric creepy music in the soundtrack tooo. Proper adult drama - but just a shame re the very puritan coy US TV restrictions on human nakedness which sometimes makes things absurd.

I loved it. 5 stars.

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