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What young woman would be able to rise every morning, to work in the olive groves and laugh and chat with her friends, if she knew that these three little words - Mother of God - would one day be appended to her name? Yet there was one such young woman, Mary. Astonished by the part she is asked to play in the coming of the Messiah, she unwaveringly fulfils the role chosen for her believing it to be a direct calling from God. In this telling of her story the film takes us through the mystery and adventure of this young woman's extraordinary life upon whom a great responsibility is suddenly thrust.
From her young informative years to the wrenching pain of seeing her son crucified this is a story of joy, sorrow and hope. Helping to weave the emotional tapestry of her life are the key people around her, the foremost being Jesus her special and gifted son, Joseph, Mary's husband, an ordinary' man who is called upon to believe in the uniqueness of Mary's destiny. Finally, the friendship and bond she forms with Mary Magdalene, a sinner who ultimately repents and becomes a follower of Christ alongside Mary. This is indeed an incredible story and a moving account of Mary of Nazareth the mother of Jesus.
Alissa Jung, , , , , , , , , , , Sergio Múñiz, , , , , , Marco Rulli, ,
Luca Bernabei, Matilde Bernabei
Francesco Arlanch
Maria di Nazaret
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205 minutes
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
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This disc includes episodes 1 - 4 (Part 1)
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This disc includes episodes 1 - 4 (Part 2)

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A Tale of Two Marys - Mary of Nazareth review by CV

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Filmed in Tunisia, I believe, the set and photography is quite opulent and evocative. The nativity scene negates all the Christmas card cliches of a crowded stable where here it takes place in a vast empty cave. The title of Mary alludes to two Marys, Mary mother of Jesus and Mary Magdeline, and the storyline shows their interactive and parallel lives and influence on Jesus. Very visual and emotive but too often the dialogue is a dissonance of modern and quasi-archaic diction, but still a refreshing view on the old, old story.

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