Rent Seed (2007)

1.8 of 5 from 53 ratings
1h 26min
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Max Seed is the most diabolical criminal force the world has ever known. But his arrest and execution are only the beginning of his brutal reign of terror. Sentenced to die in the electric chair, Seed’s body refuses to succumb and he finds himself saved by a bizarre and cruel twist of law: if on the third pull of the switch, a prisoner fails to die, his life must be spared. But his captors will allow this monster no such pity and they bury the unconscious Seed in an unmarked shallow grave. What does not kill this animal, however, makes him stranger than anyone could have imagined.
Clawing his way from the earth, Seed embarks on a trail of havoc and revenge, tracking down each of his executioners one by one and making them pay with everything they hold dear.
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Uwe Boll
High Fliers
Release Date:
Run Time:
86 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (1) of Seed

Wouldn't watch again - would class as a 'B' film! - Seed review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

Me and my hubby both love a good horror - and im afraid this wasn't one of the good ones. A serial killer - Seed - survives the electric chair and comes back for revenge (wont go too much into it as to spoil it) although he never has any kind of emotions in other instances. I would say it is watchable if you really haven't got anything else to do. Otherwise I would steer clear. For gore lovers, it has plenty of this - but as for plot and storyline - it isn't very creative. I must admit that they try to make Seed very much like 'Jason' from the Jason horror films - very strong and no positive emotion towards human life.

Also - the film seems to be over as soon as it starts and may leave you feeling a little disappointed at the end.

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