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Claude Lanzmann's landmark documentary about the holocaust, Shoah. Lanzmann spent twelve years spanning the globe for surviving camp inmates, SS commandants, and eyewitnesses of the "Final Solution". Without dramatic re-enactment or archival footage - but with extraordinary testimonies - Shoah renders the step-by-step machinery of extermination, and through haunted landscapes and human voices, makes the past come brilliantly alive. "Shoah", is a work of genius, an heroic endeavour to humanise the inhuman, to tell the untellable, and to explore in unprecedented detail the horrors of the past.
It is an immensely disturbing experience, yet in its solemnity and beauty not a morbid or disheartening one. There are few works of art which leave one with such a deep appreciation for the preciousness and meaning of life. For these reasons, Shoah is one of the most powerful and important films of all time.
Simon Srebnik, Michael Podchlebnik, Motke Zaidl, Hanna Zaidl, Jan Piwonski, Itzhak Dugin, Richard Glazer, , Pana Pietyra, Pan Filipowicz, Pan Falborski, Abraham Bomba, Czeslaw Borowi, Henrik Gawkowski,
Claude Lanzmann
France, Documentary

1987 BAFTA Best Documentary

Release Date:
Run Time:
550 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following:
1. Acknowledgements and Introduction
2. Simon Srebnik
3. Chelmno Villagers and Simon Srenik
4. Simon Srebnik
5. Simon Srebnik and Chelmno Villagers
6. Michaël Podchlebnik
7. Hanna Zaïdl
8. Motke Zaïdl and Itzhak Dugin
9. Jan Piwonski
10. Michaël Podchlebnik
11. Motke Zaïdl and Itzhak Dugin
12. Richard Glazar
13. Motke Zaïdl
14. Simon Srebnik
15. Paula Biren
16. Pani Pietyra
17. Pan Filipowicz
18. Pani Pietyra
19. Pan Filipowicz
20. Pan Falborski
21. Henryk Gawkowski
22. Abraham Bomba
23. Czeslaw Borowi
24. Treblinka Villagers
25. Czeslaw Borowi
26. Treblinka Railway Workers
27. Treblinka Villagers
28. Treblinka Railway Workers
29. Treblinka Villagers
30. Czeslaw Borowi
31. Abraham Bomba
32. Henryk Gawkowski
33. Abraham Bomba
34. Henryk Gawkowski
35. Abraham Bomba
36. Richard Glazar
37. Treblinka Villagers
38. Czeslaw Borowi
39. Henryk Gawkowski
40. Czeslaw Borowi
41. Henryk Gawkowski
42. Jan Piwonski
43. Rudolf Vrba
44. Abraham Bomba
45. Richard Glazar
46. Abraham Bomba
47. Rudolf Vrba
48. Richard Glazar
49. Abraham Bomba
50. Richard Glazar
51. Abraham Bomba
52. Richard Glazar
53. Berlin Dancing Couple
54. Inge Deutschkron
55. Franz Suchomel
56. Filip Müller
57. Franz Suchomel
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following:
1. Franz Suchomel
2. Joseph Oberhauser
3. Alfred Spiess
4. Jan Piwonski
5. Filip Müller
6. Raul Hilberg
7. Fraz Schalling
8. Michaël Podchlebnik
9. Martha Michelsohn
10. Jacob Schulmann
11. Group of Grabow Women
12. Grabow Couple
13. Grabow Man
14. Grabow Couple
15. Second Grabow Man
16. Grabow Man
17. Group of Grabow Women
18. Grabow Man
19. Grabow Woman
20. Grabow Man
21. Second Grabow Man
22. Group of Grabow Women
23. Grabow Couple
24. Martha Michelsohn and Simon Srebnik
25. Simon Srebnik
26. Villagers at Chelmno Church and Simon Srebnik
27. Pan Falborski
28. Simon Srebnik
29. Willy Just
Disc 3:
This disc includes the following:
1. Franz Suchomel
2. Abraham Bomba
3. Franz Suchomel
4. Richard Glazar
5. Rudolf Vrba
6. Filip Müller
7. Corfu Jews
8. Moshe Mordo and Corfu Man
9. Armando Aaron
10. Walter Stier
11. Raul Hilberg
12. Filip Müller
13. Fraz Suchomel
14. Richard Glazar
15. Filip Müller
16. Rudolf Vrba
Disc 4:
This disc includes the following:
1. Ruth Elias
2. Rudolf Vrba
3. Filip Müller
4. Rudolf Vrba
5. Filip Müller
6. Rudolf Vrba
7. Jan Karski
8. Fraz Grassler
9. Raul Hilberg
10. Fraz Grassler
11. Raul Hilberg
12. Fraz Grassler
13. Raul Hilberg
14. Fraz Grassler
15. Raul Hilberg
16. Fraz Grassler
17. Gertrude Schneider and Gertrude Schneider’s Mother
18. Ghetto Fighter’s Museum, Israel
19. Itzhak Zuckermann, alias “Antek”
20. Simha Rottem, alias “Kajik”
21. A Train
Release Date:
Run Time:
550 minutes
Disc 1:
This disc includes the following:
- First Era
Disc 2:
This disc includes the following:
- Second Era

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Reviews (1) of Shoah

A very difficult must see - Shoah review by CW

Spoiler Alert

Cinema Paradiso Synopsis gives an excellent summation of Shoah. I saw it years ago when it was released. If I remember correctly it was shown over either 2 or 3 nights at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Many years later I still remembered some of the shocking statements from the interviews. There are many interviews with survivors of the concentration camps and even from 2 men who actually survived a death camp. They had been shot but played dead. There are interviews and recordings of camp guards, commandants. people who lived and worked near the camps train workers and Nazi government officials. Some of the interviews and recordings were done in secret using hidden cameras and microphones. The director put himself in danger to capture the film and recordings. I wanted to see Shoah again and feel fortunate to have been able to get the 4 dvds from Cinema Paradiso so that I could also limit watching to no more than an hour at a time. It is excruciating to listen. It made me often want to weep. I had to walk away to process the information. The interviewers had to supress any emotion or anger when interviewing the guards etc. so that they would keep talking. There is no historic footage. This is such an important documentary I really think that it should be required watching to be shown in schools. To preserve the facts, the history of what happened to the victims and survivors, the director insists that they tell their stories even when they can hardly continue they are so overcome with the memory of the horror. It hurt to watch it but I am so glad I was able to see it again.

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