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Wang Xiaoshuai's deeply moving and intimate drama traces the lives of two interconnected families over three decades of social and political upheaval in China. The film charts the fortunes of factory workers Liyun (Yong Mei) and Yaojun (Wang Jingchun), a couple reeling from a devastating family tragedy during the tumultuous years between the 1980's and the 21st century. Constricted by the one-child national policy, their lives are gradually transformed under the impact of the country's changing identity, building to a heartbreaking revelation that exposes how political reality affects the fates of the family and the people around them.
A cleverly poetic depiction of communist China, 'So Long, My Son' is a sprawling yet personal portrait of human resilience, featuring incredibly tender and award-winning performances from Mei and Jingchun.
, , , , , , , Cheng Xu,
Jianv Han, Junyi He, Xuan Liu, Hai Wang, Jingchun Wang, Xiaoshuai Wang, Wei Yang, Dong Yu
Mei Ah, Xiaoshuai Wang
Di jiu tian chang
Curzon / Artificial Eye

2019 Berlinale Silver Bear for Best Actress

2019 Berlinale Silver Bear for Best Actor

Release Date:
Run Time:
182 minutes
Chinese Dolby Digital 5.1, Chinese LPCM Stereo
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.85:1

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Reviews (5) of So Long, My Son

Powerful, understated drama - So Long, My Son review by PD

Spoiler Alert

In a nutshell, this long (over 3 hour) film examines the lasting damage done by China’s one-child policy and the Cultural Revolution. The story is an intimate one, yet it embraces a large cast of characters who reflect the immense changes that have swept China over the last 50 years, and shows the resilience of those Chinese who lived through it all who were later able to recover their faith in life.

The entire film is cleverly constructed out of flashbacks to the 1970s and '80s that tell the characters’ backstories a little at a time. It can be a tad confusing at times (you feel the need to turn back the pages as it were) but, particularly the first half, in which we get to know the characters, is thoroughly engrossing, and the script can be forgiven for sometimes withholding crucial information until it's ready to divulge it. Whereas other films have revealed the horrors of the death camps and whatnnot, here the scenes set during the Cultural Revolution are relatively restrained - the film being more interested in showing the steep personal price individuals paid, which affected the rest of their lives. A powerful, understated piece.

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A sad Chinese story - So Long, My Son review by DS

Spoiler Alert

This is one of those worthy films one thinks one ought to see, showing the harsh impact of the one child policy on a well meaning couple of workers in the face of their more cynical and selfish friends who do more than go along with the regime. It is vivid picture of how people lived in China 30 years ago and perhaps many who cannot easily adapt still do. But it is slow and a little confusing with time changes which are not clearly indicated and I was more bored than entertained, and not very moved.

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Couldn't finish it - So Long, My Son review by HPB

Spoiler Alert

I love films from many countries, including China, Korea, Japan etc. But this one left me so depressed after half an hour I decided to quit. There's only so much gloom and degradation one can take in the present state of the world.

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