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Theodore Decker is 13 years old when his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The tragedy changes the course of his life, sending him on a stirring odyssey of grief and guilt, reinvention and redemption, and even love. Through it all, he holds on to one tangible piece of hope from that terrible day... a painting of a tiny bird chained to its perch.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Austin Weyant, Collin Shea Schirrmacher
John Crowley
Peter Straughan, Donna Tartt
Children & Family, Drama
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143 minutes
English, French
Dutch, English, English Hard of Hearing, French, Greek
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Region 2
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Widescreen 1.85:1
  • Featurette: The Real Goldfinch

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Reviews (11) of The Goldfinch

Needed an extra half hour - The Goldfinch review by Koppert79

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The Goldfinch was quite a special book full of atmosphere and suspense as well of coming of age. Its also a bloody big book so to make it work in a short film is quite difficult. That is the movies let down. The development of characters that is expansive in the book was lacking the space they needed in the film. Its still a decent enough flick but you just don't get drawn into the emotion of the people involved.

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An adaptation that works - The Goldfinch review by CW

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As another reviewer mentioned, The Goldfinch is quite a special book. I loved it (and also enjoyed Donna Tartt’s other 2 books but this one is my fave). Difficult to create a screenplay from such a dense, well researched, complicated book. I think that the screenwriters, director, casting director and actors did an excellent job. Of course some bits of plot had to be left out because of time restraint but I think the movie will appeal to those like me who loved the book as well as those who have not read it. I was throughly entertained and not one bit disappointed. Thank you again Cinema Paradiso for hours of pleasure. I love being able to rent new and old movies from around the world. 

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Loved the book and the movie. - The Goldfinch review by JD

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I agree with others that the movie could have been longer, whereas most modern films could be improved by being shorter .

Acting is very good , strong characters and the story is fascinating, involving, exciting, and touching. 

Personally, I would have preferred an opening scene of the museum bombing, to cement the horror of what happened, rather than reveal the details throughout the film.

 Great to find an intelligent movie instead of more Super hero’s !

I highly recommend that you spend an evening watching The Goldfinch. 

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