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Frank is overweight, out of work and still living with his mum. He exists in a fantasy world of military glory with himself cast as a vigilante for hire. When Frank's Mum finally throws him out he rents a room in a dilapidated bed and breakfast run by the hopelessly naive Kenny. Kenny fills his days caring for his disabled brother and dreams of getting revenge on the London thug who confined Keith to a wheelchair. Kenny is convinced by Frank's fictitious SAS exploits and immediately asks him to avenge the attack on Keith. Finding himself in a position where he ha to prove he is the man he claims to be, the two head for London to wreak revenge for Keith's plight.
However Frank and Kenny's ideas of assassination do not go to plan!
, Alan Atheral, , , , , , , , ,
Jolyon Symonds
Paul Tucker
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83 minutes
English Dolby Digital 2.0
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Region 2
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3
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Reviews (2) of The Last Yellow

Stagey poverty porn drama with repulsive main character - The Last Yellow review by PV

Spoiler Alert

This is the sort of film the BBC and Film Council love funding, and which critics adore. It ticks all the boxes: Northern (well, Leicester) setting with local accents, TICK. Working class poverty porn and misery moping (and work men's clubs!) TICK.. Disabled issues TICK.

All very stagey too and old-fashioned - but based on a stage play so no wonder.

One problem is that the main character is repulsive so hard to warm to. And why is it, that men who live with their mums (care for them maybe) are ALWAYS mocked in dramas when women who do the same are not? Sexist misandry and hypocrisy!

Another problem is I couldn't suspend my disbelief - I just didn't believe the characters would behave in the way they did.

But on the plus side, some great dialogue and genuinely funny lines.

This is the sort of film that should be a BBC2 drama. I can't see how this made its money back at the cinema. But hey, no worries - as it's all funded by the tax payer!

2 stars.

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Peculiar comedy with very dark overtones - The Last Yellow review by AER

Spoiler Alert

Black comedies about murder are a hard thing to pull off successfully - I guess like a murder itself. Mark Addy and Charlie Creed-Miles play a dim double act of the world's worst assassins. Skint and without a clue, bullsh*t artist Frank (Addy) gets hired by his new friend Kenny (Creed-Miles) to avenge his brother who was given brain damage by a London thug a few years earlier. Witless yet funny dialogue just about sees this comedy through but ultimately it's all a bit lacklustre like the characters. In fact, it's too effective and convincing because the film farts about without a clue, just like the characters. A mixed bag.

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