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An ultra dark, deeply unsettling, extreme psychological thriller from the director of ‘Audition’, ‘Ichi the killer’ is probably the most arresting and controversial movie of the last decade. Based on the ultra-violent ‘manga’ comic of the same name, this ‘delirious cinematic vision in freefall’ painfully unveils a dark canvas on which is played a terrifying battle of wits between the ultimate sadist and the ultimate masochist.
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Hideo Yamamoto, Sakichi Satô
Koroshiya 1
Action & Adventure, Horror, Thrillers
Japan, Action & Adventure, Horror, Thrillers
Release Date:
Run Time:
120 minutes
Japanese Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.85:1
  • 16:9 anamorphic version enhanced for widescreen tvs
  • Dolby digital 5.1 audio
  • Feature length audio commentary with Asian movie exert Bey Loga. Leading lady Alien Sun and producer Ellion Tong
  • Interview gallery with director Takashi Miike and leads Tadanoby Asano, Alien Sun and Shinya Tsukamoto
  • Glamour photo gallery with Alien Sun
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • photo gallery featuring behind-the-scenes images and campaign artwork
  • E.P.K. featuring alternative interview with director Takashi Miike, out-takes and behind-the-scenes footage
  • UK campaign trailer
  • Behind-the-scenes vignettes
  • Text biographies and filmographies for principle cast members
  • Premier Asia showcase
Disc 1:
This disc includes the main feature
Disc 2:
This disc includes the special features
Release Date:
Not released
Run Time:
129 minutes

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Reviews (3) of Ichi the Killer

Very Weird - A Cross Between Kill Bill & Some British Gangster - Ichi the Killer review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

When I first Began Watching This Film I had to wonder.. these Japanese Men Talking (not in sync as well) in British accents, I was wondering if this film was going to be any good.

But then the nasty things started and well at one point I had to actually look away (and I love all gore and nastyness!). Once You get used to the accents is very good, I found it to be a bit like Kill Bill 1 with all the blood and guts splattered everywhere, but with the accents thrown in, a bit like a British Gangster Film.

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Deranged, yet strangely mesmerizing - Ichi the Killer review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

Ichi The Killer is probably one the most misogynistic, violently graphic and sadomasochistic films I have seen yet. In some ways this film could be considered absolutely deplorable; there are scenes of extreme torture, both men and women are horrifically beaten and killed, and the film is openly sexual. But where 'Ichi The Killer' grabs you is in identifying with the extraordinary characters. Kakihara, (really the main character within the film), is probably one of the best screen villains you'll ever see. He is quiet, yet delivers vengeance to others with no mercy, his sadomasochistic inner self lives for pain and is constantly looking for someone to take him to the next level of pain. The other main character is Ichi, a young socially immature man who suffers from past experiences of high school bullying. By manipulating Ichi's inner rage and hatred for all bullies, a member of the Yakuza has converted Ichi into the ultimate killer. The main storyline within the film revolves around the assassination of the head Yakuza boss, the search for his killer (who Kakihara believes is Ichi), the power struggle within the gangs to take his place, and the knowledge that somewhere along the line Kakihara and Ichi's paths will meet. If you can get past the bloodshed and violence, then Ichi The Killer is an enjoyable and visually startling film.

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Japanese Cartoon-character Grand Guignol Splatter-fest - Ichi the Killer review by PV

Spoiler Alert

I turned off this film half way through. Because of the graphic blood-drenched violence? Nope - but just because I was yawning my head off. This is the kind of movie 12 year olds would like - and is I think based on a graphic novel, or perhaps a computer game. It has an adolescent need to shock - but, though gruesome, deliberately drawing out torture scenes for a teen audience, it is only cartoonish violence and horror - with buckets of tomato sauce blood sloshing everywhere. Personally, I found it dull as hell - with 2-D characters, boring torture set pieces etc. But then, I have always hated Tarantino too - esp dross like Inglorious Blah blah. If you liked that, you'd like this. Grown-ups, however, should avoid and leave this to the young teenies who think this kind of 'desperate to shock' gore is shocking or radical or naughty. It isn't any of those things really - it's just boring. But each to his own...

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