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Jane (Tori Butler-Hart) wakes up in a strange attic, bound and tied to a chair, she has no idea where she is or who she is. As panic sets in, she sees a violent bright light flash in front of her eyes and once again she wakes up; same situation as before, an exact repeat. Voices bleed in from another time and place, giving Jane clues to what might be happening to her. She escapes and embarks on a journey through an empty parallel world leading her to a Quantum science research laboratory in the middle of nowhere. There she discovers tapes from Dr. Charles Marland-White (Ian McKellen) and Professor Aaron Ostergaard (Conleth Hill) and their experiment involving human test subjects.
, , , Wendy Muir Hart, Chris Hart
Matthew Butler-Hart, Tori Butler-Hart
Voiced By:
Holly Dale Spencer, Ben Lee, Graham Butler
Matthew Butler Hart, Tori Hart
DC Releasing Limited
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Release Date:
Run Time:
86 minutes
English Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 2.39:1

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Reviews (3) of Infinitum: Subject Unknown

Limited iPhone film - Infinitum: Subject Unknown review by Alphaville

Spoiler Alert

An impressive if ultimately uninteresting attempt at shooting a limited-budget film on an iPhone from the Butler-Harts husband-wife team. They write, he directs, she stars. Unfortunately it features only one character in a duff plot that goes nowhere fast. A couple of short talking-head cameos add nothing. Don’t be fooled by the exciting music on the trailer – there’s none in the film. And no excitement either.

She wakes up bound and gagged in an attic and tries to get out. This happens again and again while she has flashes of what’s going on. By the third reset you’ll be getting restless, but even if you FF to the end the explanation will have you thinking so-what.

The whole exercise raises interesting and perhaps worrying questions for the future of film, which makes the Making Of feature on the DVD more interesting than the film itself. A one-star film with an extra star for imaginative use of a technically limited iPhone.

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Intriguing - Infinitum: Subject Unknown review by HM

Spoiler Alert

A Covid era film. The story follows a female in a time loop. She is caught in an experiment involving another dimension. She tries to get to the bottom of it as she has no knowledge of what is going on. Desperate to locate the scientific establishment that seems to be responsible for her plight she makes progress each time she returns to the scene of her detention in an abandoned house tied to a chair.

OK it is a low or no budget SF thriller. It kept me interested despite the murkey plot. One of the better 'not many people' Covi era films. Doesn't set the world on fire frankly.

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Boring Experimental SciFi - Infinitum: Subject Unknown review by GI

Spoiler Alert

An experimental sci-fi film shot on an iPhone (although you couldn't tell to be honest) during the Covid pandemic. Written and made by husband and wife team Matthew and Tori Butler-Hart. It's a monotonous film about some weird mind experiment in which an unnamed woman (Tori Butler-Hart) awakes in a strange attic tied to a chair. She's escapes but finds that at certain moments time seems to reset itself and she has to start over, so like a computer game. Each time she manages to puzzle out what to do to keep going, all the while heading for an old country house where the said experiment is being controlled. Ian McKellen and Conleth Hill have cameos but mostly it's a one woman show! Nothing much happens, it's frustrating and self-indulgent and ultimately boring.

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