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Chris, a lonesome and unremarkable fellow, finds a mysterious invitation on the street and follows it to what he thinks will be a fun costume party. It turns out to be a cunning trap set by a gang of deranged hipster artists. What follows is a bloodbath of mishap, mayhem and hilarity.
As the booze and drug fueled night wears on, rivalries within the group flare up with horrific yet side-splittingly amusing consequences. As the body count rockets Chris must take advantage of the ensuing chaos to escape the insanity and make it through the night in one piece!
, Kate Porterfield, Tess Porterfield Lovell, Damon Lindsay, , , Skei Saulnier, , William Lacey, Alex Barnett, , Beryl Guceri, Michael Clomegah, , David Zellerford
Skei Saulnier, Chris Sharp
Jeremy Saulnier
Revolver Entertainment
Comedy, Horror
Release Date:
Run Time:
80 minutes
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9

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Reviews (1) of Murder Party

Promising idea, though lacks polish. - Murder Party review by CP Customer

Spoiler Alert

The plot behind ‘Murder Party’ is quite original; on Halloween evening a quiet and reserved traffic warden named Chris finds an invitation to a party blowing along the pavement. He makes himself a suit of armour costume out of cardboard, bakes a pumpkin loaf and sets off for the party, the problem is when he arrives it's a trap set by a group of young artists intent of creating art from his murder in order to gain a $300,000 arts grant. As the film progresses infighting flares between the artists and Chris must take his chances and try to escape. Despite its promising plotline this low budget Horror suffers from a lack of polish. The acting is amateurish and wooden, the dialogue unnatural and the comedy moments come off flat and badly timed. Yet despite its failings there is something quite likeable about ‘Murder Party’, the gory moments are pretty good, though underdeveloped the characters are quite interesting and you get the feeling this is a future cult movie which will be seen at horror festivals for years to come. If you’re a horror fan and don’t mind low budget movies then this is worth a rental.

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