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Shut Up and Shoot Me, a wickedly entertaining dark comedy about a romantic weekend gone wrong. After a life-changing accident takes his wife's life on holiday in Prague, nerdy Englishman, Colin (Andy Nyman) decides to end it all. Searching for a quick, painless way to kill himself, and lacking the nerve and skill to do it properly, Colin enlists Pavel (Karel Roden), a long suffering Czech loser who works odd jobs to keep his beautiful, ill-tempered wife Liba (Anna Geislerova) in designer shoes, with the promise of a big payoff.
A series of comically botched suicide attempts result in the wrong deaths, but ironically, as plans for Colin's death spin out of control, their unlikely friendship develops, and Colin re-discovers his desire to live when he must risk his own life to save the lives of his new friends. However, the body count rises even higher as they involve a local gangster known as the 'Butcher', his girlfriend and his evil dog, to the point where finally only Pavel and Colin seem to be left alive.
, , , , Denisa Knoblochová, , , , , Tomas Pavlacky, Marian Roden
Steen Agro
Steen Agro
Stoney Road Films
Czech Republic
Release Date:
Run Time:
87 minutes
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Region 0 (All)
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Widescreen 1.78:1 / 16:9
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Reviews (1) of Shut Up and Shoot Me

Very Funny Farce and Black Comedy set in Prague (in English though) - Shut Up and Shoot Me review by PV

Spoiler Alert

There is good news and there is bad news. Bad news first: the sound quality in this film is awful - we had the volume up to the max and still could not hear some dialogue! The other bad news is that there is no subtitles option - no hard of hearing subtitles. They would have been handy!

Happily, that is the only bad news. The good news is that the rest of this film is brilliant. The script is clever, witty and well-written - and efficient, with no flab - the acting and direction are great; the locations look wonderful! I used to live in Prague for a while, so recognised the awful and doomy Hotel Dum too (where lots of English teachers get dumped by their employers!)

Some of the gags are old-fashioned in that visual humour slapstick was the continentals love - one particular joke was the same as I've seen in a 1930 Laurel and Hardy film (about one man breaking in through a window while the other enters the house through the open door and watches him).

But anyway, this film made me laugh out loud several times. It is genuinely funny - far more so than most Hollywood comedies. I could watch it all again now. If you like black humour, then you'll love this. The comedy is winter dark and the ironies abound. Funny funny funny! 5 stars!

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