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As a new spirit of openness sweeps across post-Soviet Russia, KGB officers discover an isolated hangar in the heart of the Kremlin full of 1960s British artifacts, including mocked-up streets and homes populated by mannequins. This was once a training centre where 'sleeper' spies would adjust to ensure imperceptible integration into British life. It soon becomes clear that two such Cold War spies never came home. The agents formerly known as Sergei Rublev and Vladimir Zelenski have been living for 25 years as high-flying city financier Jeremy Coward (Nigel Havers) and northern trade unionist Albert Robinson (Warren Clarke).
Utterly assimilated, though opposites in temperament and character, the two men are by now more English than the locals - and horrified to learn that the Kremlin is trying to track them down. Sultry, unrelenting KGB high-up Nina Grishina (Joanna Kanska) flies into London to lead the search - alerting the bumbling bureaucrats of MI5 and their twitchy CIA counterparts to investigate why the Russians are mobilising. A multi-stranded cat-and-mouse chase follows across four feature-length episodes, delivering a hilarious cross-cultural parody of the spying game. A sparkling satire of Cold War intelligence and ineptitude, filled with high-jinks of the highest order.
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Caroline Gold
John Flanagan, Andrew McCulloch
Sleepers: The Complete Series
Simply Media
British TV, TV Comedies, TV Dramas, TV Thrillers
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220 minutes
English Stereo
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Region 2
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Full Screen 1.33:1 / 4:3

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excellent comedy - Sleepers review by BH

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In the Kremlin the KGB find a hidden room set up like England in 1966. They discover that two KGB agents were sent to england in 1966 and went under cover as "sleepers". Now they set out to find them as do MI5 and the CIA .But what if they don't want to be found? A sharp script and excellent performances from Warren Clarke and Nigel Havers.

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A Brilliant and Original Series - Sleepers review by AS

Spoiler Alert

What a great story! enjoyable characters played to a high standard by a great cast including Michael Gough.

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