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There was a time when CIA officer Nathan Muir (Robert Bedford) and his protege Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt] were inseparable, travelling the world and tasting everything it had to ofler... From Vietnam to Berlin to Beirut. In a profession fraught with danger and uncertainty, Muir and Bishop forged an uncommonly close friendship. But that was years ago. Now, in 1991, on the brink of his retirement from the agency, Muir learns that Bishop has gone rogue, jailed overseas on espionage charges and is scheduled to die in 24 hours. Muir decides to take on the most dangerous and personal mission of his life.
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Michael Frost Beckner
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Action & Adventure, Thrillers
The Instant Expert's Guide, The Instant Expert's Guide to: Ridley Scott
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122 minutes
English Dolby Digital 5.1
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Region 2
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Widescreen 2.35:1
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Reviews (4) of Spy Game

Good but cliched - Spy Game review by JD

Spoiler Alert

It is like a hundred other films with petrol explosions breaking sugar glass and CIA / FBI intrigue except that the plot is about spot on for balancing the number of characters, the complexity of story, unpredictability and believability. Some good performances.

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enjoyable - Spy Game review by AB

Spoiler Alert

Plausible storyline taking in history of the partnership with real political and historical lines to aid everything. I liked the way that Redford was a renegade whilst actually operating within Langley, putting one across the bureaucrats and suits

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Good Solid Spy Drama - Spy Game review by GI

Spoiler Alert

A complex plotted espionage drama from the master of cross cut editing, Tony Scott. This has a story that keeps you hooked throughout and you can see some similarities with the Bourne series. It's not as action packed but the characters and story emulate those in that franchise. Indeed it's said that Brad Pitt turned down the Jason Bourne role to appear in this film. He plays Bishop, a CIA agent who is caught trying to free a prisoner from a Chinese jail. His former boss Muir (Robert Redford) is pulled in by his bosses who want all the information he has on Bishop. Muir soon realises that Bishop is to be sacrificed and he plays his own game at CIA HQ to get Bishop freed. Told with great flashback sequences the story forms of a strong working relationship between the two men that is damaged by the involvement of a woman (Catherine McCormack). What's great about this film is the mind games and manipulation that Muir employs against a team of top bosses with a well written and superbly directed film. There are some good set pieces although this is less an action film than a good spy drama. It certainly has that great Scott style with changes of colour palette for the different time periods the flashback scenes are set. Above all though it's a solid, well crafted film that hasn't had the audience it deserves. If you love a good spy film this one is worth checking out.

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