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The year is so b.c. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans ...well not entirely One small village of indomitable Gouls still holds out against the invaders. The village is protected by Asterix, A diminutive but tenacious warrior, who transforms into a superhuman fighting machine once fortified with the druid getafix’s magic potion. He is helped by his best friend, the gentle-hearted, menhir-toting Obelix, who's always ready to support his friend - as long as there is plenty of wild boar to feast on! Caesar offers the Gauls a deal: If they can perform twelve special tasks successfully, he will hand over the roman empire. To them. If the Gauls fail, they will have to surrender.
To the roman empire. Asterix (fortified by magic potion) Is ready to take on the challenge.
, Henri Gruel
Voiced By:
Roger Carel, Jacques Morel, Pierre Tornade, Henri Labussière, Jean Martinelli, Pascal Mazzotti, Lawrence Riesner, Claude Dasset, Roger Lumont, Gérard Hernandez, Henri Virlojeux, Nicole Vervil, Jacques Hilling, Henri Poirier, Mary Mongourdin
René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo
Les douze travaux d'Astérix
Children & Family
A History of The Classical World In Cinema, Pig Power: Animal Farm At 70
Release Date:
Run Time:
82 minutes
English LPCM Stereo
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.77:1

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Reviews (2) of The 12 Tasks of Asterix

Not such classic Asterix - The 12 Tasks of Asterix review by Karrie

Spoiler Alert

The kids loved it, 12 bite sized adventures for Asterix and Obelisk on their way to Rome (aka tasks of Hercules). The kids could stop the film, watch their favourites again (and again). However, for an adult, it lacked the classic Asterix feel and felt "bitty". Still, there were all the classic jokes to laugh at, so it was easily watchable.

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Slightly surreal 70s style meets childhood favourite - The 12 Tasks of Asterix review by DB

Spoiler Alert

Before I go on - the synopsis above needs proof reading! It's 50 BC, not "so b.c."!

The recent death of Uderzo, not long after the revival of Asterix's adventures by new writers, prompted me to look at the feature films. I have loved Asterix since I first encountered him as a child, and have been wary of the films in case their characters didn't match those in my imagination.

There is an element of that in this film. The voices don't quite fit with the characters I know, and it's unhelpful that the English lines are often rushed to fit with the original animation. The basic story is fun and quite clever, but the style is very much of its time (the film was made in 1976) and looks rather dated now. Overall it's a good effort, and a reasonable diversion, but not a patch on sitting down with one of the books.

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