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Ina desperate attempt to entice new customers to his once-thriving escape room, Brice (Skeet Ulrich) decides to buy a mysterious new attraction - The Skull Box. His decision proves fatal as fun quickly escalates in to terror when a group of friends have less than an hour to solve the puzzles needed to escape the room alive, after an evil demon is unleashed. In order to avoid certain death, the group must work together - but they have less than an hour. Who - if any - will survive and escape with their lives?
, , , , , Ashley Gallegos, , , , , , , ,
Ron Althoff, Jacov Bresler, Harel Goldstein, Corbin Timbrook
Peter Dukes
Precision Pictures
Release Date:
Run Time:
84 minutes
English Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 2.40:1

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Reviews (2) of Escape Room

Spoilers follow ... - Escape Room review by NP

Spoiler Alert

Watching a couple of what I can only call Designer Nerds and their girlfriends flirting and arguing in a room can be a less than fascinating experience. The actors are all competent and veer from amusing to irritating alternately, and ultimately into a panicking menagerie when things go wrong. To explain:

Skeet Ulrich plays Brice, who hosts an ‘escape room’ event. Agitated that his project is no longer the popular resort it once was, he buys a ‘skull box’ (a device we are introduced to the film’s prologue, which is almost a movie in itself) thinking that its legendry curse will drum up interest in his business. To this end, Jess, Jeff, Ben and Angie agree to be locked in the room filled with potential clues as to their escape. If they don’t escape, they ‘lose’. However when a masked figure appears, to all intents and purposes a prop, Angie feels – in the film’s lowest point – that it is ‘looking at her boobs’. It isn’t a prop however, it is a killer, and every few minutes, the chain keeping it close to the wall loosens, allowing it to come into closer contact with them in the confines of the room.

A nice touch is when the killer gives a round of applause once the allotted time to escape the ‘escape room’ has come to an end but despite the best efforts of the cast, this exercise is pretty average at best.

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Escape Room....Why? - Escape Room review by porky

Spoiler Alert

Pretty Average Horror .The Same thing as usual. Warning !!! That item is Possesses so Dont Ever Open It..... Oops its Opened. people Die.

Only in this case the people have put themselves into what they thought was a Game for Halloween but a Demon just Possessed the Actor paid to scare you , and you are all gonna DIE.

NONE of the Deaths even need have happened apart from the fact these people are Soo Stupid and go Stand or Sit within Murdering reach of a Murderer chained to the wall. and they dont seem to see the fact they could maybe Kill him First as he is Chained up and unable to get away....but instead just Fight among themselves and ignore the Murderer in the room chained to the Effing Wall !!!!

Just Stupid and Irritating,

To be honest they ALL deserved to Die for being Thick as Dog Doo doo ! it left me wanting to hunt them down myself and kill them .

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