Rent From the Land of the Moon (2016)

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In a small village in rural France, Garbrielle (Marion Cotillard) dreams of a more passionate life, much to her family's chagrin. With the intent of making her into a respectable woman, they marry her off to honest farmer Jose (Alex Brendemühl). Once married Gabrielle develops an illness and is sent to the Alps for treatment. There she meets a dashing injured veteran of the Indochina War (Louis Garrel). The affair rekindles the passion buried deep inside her. With this newfound love, she is determined to run away and free herself from the marriage that imprisons her. This time she's determined to follow her dream.
, , , , , , Daniel Para, Jihwan Kim, Victor Quilichini, Ange Black-Bereyziat, Sören Rochefort, Camilo Acosta Mendoza, , Julio Bollullo Carasco, Folco Jullien, Maurice Chaspoul, Alexandre Dufour, , , Inès Grunenwald
Alain Attal
Milena Agus, Natalie Carter, Jacques Fieschi, Nicole Garcia
Mal de pierres
Drama, Romance
Female Filmmakers Who Changed French Cinema, Films by Genre
Release Date:
Run Time:
116 minutes
French Dolby Digital 5.1
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 2.35:1

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Reviews (9) of From the Land of the Moon

Slow, sensitive, subtle human drama - From the Land of the Moon review by BW

Spoiler Alert

This French film, somewhat strangely re-titled for English language viewers, is based on a novel by Milena Agus. The movie is certainly a slow-burner but, while many reviews have criticised its pedestrian pace, I found it progressively more engaging as it went on. 'Stick with it' would be my advice. There is a remarkable twist in the plot towards the end. The sets, wardrobe and accoutrements are lovingly vintage and quaint. I felt some emotional distance from the characters and was never fully involved, but it's a human drama with something to say. The film finds its way and is delicate, sensitive and subtle.

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A superb French film about the depths of love - From the Land of the Moon review by PT

Spoiler Alert

Gabrielle (Cottiard) dreams of an idealistic fairytale romance, nothing else will suffice. This passion first manifests itself in her infatuation with her tutor. She pens him an explicit letter about her love making wishes which she presents to him at a party. The married tutor rejects her advances, causing Gabrielle to push him into a table in front of her family. She then runs off into the woods in an hysterical , heartbroken mess.

Her family, respectable farmers, are worried about her mental health and irrational and crude behaviour. Her mother approaches one of their farm hands, namely Jose, who has an eye for Gabrielle, to ask if he'll make an honest woman of her. Against her wishes, but being that era, Gabrielle weds Jose. Although she tells him prior to the wedding that she will never love him.

Shortly into the marriage Gabrielle goes to a spa alone, for a cure for stones. Whilst there she meets a poorly soldier and her, the Princess has met her Prince charming mentality kicks back in greater than ever.

Marion Cottiard is hypnotic in a wonderful performance as Gabrielle, the depth of her love almost tangible. As is the depth of her long suffering husband's love. A beautifully shot and superbly acted film.

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Nothing wrong with it, just not my cup of tea - From the Land of the Moon review by RL

Spoiler Alert

It's a very nicely acted and well put together piece, extremely atmospheric in places and with some filming of the landscapes that is pleasing on the eye. The story does start of a bit slow but the ending does make up for that. Altogether although there was nothing at all wrong with the film, it was just a bit sluggish at times and didn't really grip me. Can see why some may love it though.

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