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The film is a touching and tender insight into the life of Lilya (Oksana Akinshin) who lives in a poor suburb somewhere in the former Soviet Union. Lilya's mother has emigrated to the States and she is waiting to be sent for. After a while it becomes clear that she has been abandoned. Left alone and broke Lilya strikes up a friendship with local 11 year old boy, Colodya (Artion Bogucharskij), himself an outcast. Through their similar circumstances they fantasise of a life elsewhere. Moodysson's award winning script is observant of the hopes and dreams of Lilya and Volodya but is realistic about the world they live in.
It is this realist approach that has drawn comparisons between Moodysson and some of the classic realist directors including Truffaut, Bresson and Ken Loach.
, Artyom Bogucharskiy, Pavel Ponomaryov, Lyubov Agapova, Liliya Shinkaryova, Elina Benenson, Tomasz Neuman, Anastasiya Bedredinova, Tõnu Kark, Nikolai Bentsler, Aleksander Dorosjkevitch, , Aleksandr Sokolenko, Margo Kostelina, Veronika Kovtun, Jelena Jakovlena, Tamara Solodnikova, Nikolai Kutt, Oleg Rogatchov,
Lukas Moodysson
Lilja 4-ever
Sweden, Drama
Release Date:
Run Time:
105 minutes
Russian, Swedish
DVD Regions:
Region 2
Aspect Ratio:
Widescreen 1.85:1
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Reviews (2) of Lilya 4-Ever

Desolation and despair - Lilya 4-Ever review by JD

Spoiler Alert

This is a bleak and grim story of a teenager in a world of no hope, poverty, desolation and despair. Her descent into some grim life choices are sad. The filming is pretty bleak. There is a real message with this film particularly the end (no plot spoilers) but it is not a pleasant watch on any level. Do you want mindless Hollywood pulp? Probably not but sometimes the other extreme is just as unpalatable.

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Harrowing events end up ever so gentle. - Lilya 4-Ever review by Promessi

Spoiler Alert

This a neat little low budget effort. It nicely captures the hideous pain of poverty in a dead community and delivers some lovely poignant moments particularly betwen the two main characters, a 16-y.o. girl and a boy several years her junior. A device from Wenders' Wings of Desire lets us see all the horror but still come up smiling. Unfortunately the imposed happyish ending rather undermines the dedication to the victims of child sex trafficking.Worth seeing, but could have been so much better.

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